Ong Ang Canal

Ong Ang Canal, also known as Khlong Ong Ang, was excavated during the reign of King Rama I, following the establishment of Bangkok as the new Thai capital. In the distant past, Khlong Ong Ang resembled many other canals, where children would frolic in its waters, and during the nighttime, food stalls would line both sides of the canal.

Ong Ang Canal

Afterward, a substantial portion of the canal underwent a transformation into a marketplace specializing in second-hand photographic equipment, video games, and toys. It became renowned as the largest toy center in Bangkok.

During this era, the canal became largely obscured by numerous metal sheets, leading to its moniker, “Talat Saphan Lek” or “Iron Bridge Market.” In 2015, an urban beautification initiative was launched, resulting in the removal of many shops that had encroached upon the canal. The primary objectives were to amplify the canal’s inherent charm and transform it into a new landmark within the city of Bangkok.

Following the renovation, Khlong Ong Ang now glistens with clear water, flanked by pathways adorned with trees and contemporary lighting. The locale once again draws both locals and tourists alike. It garnered the prestigious 2020 Asian Townscape Award for Landscape Improvement Project from UN-Habitat Fukuoka.

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Key Highlights

Ong Ang Walking Street is not only an ideal locale for an evening leisurely stroll and photo sessions but also offers a diverse array of attractions to explore.

  1. Kayaking: The standout activity not to be missed is kayaking on the Ong Ang canal. Kayak rentals are available, complete with provided life vests.
  2. Street Performance: Along the walkway, numerous buskers entertain with live music. Some are solo vocalists or saxophonists, while others are full bands playing traditional or contemporary instruments. Magic shows and other forms of entertainment can also be encountered.
  3. Street Art: Cultural murals grace the walls of Ong Ang Walking Street, offering insights into the local way of life from past to present. These artworks depict the diverse communities residing in the area, including local Thai, Chinese, and Indian cultures, along with pop art murals by renowned Thai street artists.
  4. Street Food: A delectable assortment of food stalls lines Ong Ang Walking Street, presenting a plethora of options. Choices range from Indian snacks and Masala chai to Taiwanese fried chicken, scallion pancakes, Bhutanese momo dumplings, deep-fried bao, grilled squid eggs, Tteokbokki, and much more.


Parks Near Ong Ang Canal

  1. Rommaninat Park: This park is situated near the Ong Ang Canal and offers a peaceful green space for relaxation and exercise. It’s a great place for a leisurely stroll or a picnic.
  2. Lumpini Park: Although Lumpini Park is a bit farther from Ong Ang Canal, it’s still within a reasonable distance. It’s one of the largest and most popular parks in Bangkok. Likewise, known for its scenic lake, jogging paths, and recreational activities.
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Hotels Near Ong Ang Canal


Cacha Bed Heritage Hotel: Cacha Bed Heritage Hotel, a boutique establishment, seamlessly combines comfort with a rich historical ambiance. Nestled within a meticulously restored shophouse, this hotel offers guests a snug and authentic experience.

Grand China Bangkok: Grand China Bangkok. Likewise, with its sophisticated design and modern conveniences, delivers a lavish stay right in the heart of Chinatown. Its close proximity to Sam Yot Station makes it an effortlessly convenient choice for travelers.

Arawana Express Chinatown: If you’re in search of economical lodging options that don’t compromise on quality, consider Arawana Express Chinatown. This hotel offers cozy rooms and convenient access to the attractions in the Sam Yot area.


How to Reach

Accessing Ong Ang Walking Street is convenient. Simply take the MRT to Sam Yot station, and you’ll find Ong Ang Walking Street a mere 50 meters away.


Opening Hours

The street comes alive every Friday to Sunday, from 4 PM to 10 PM. Though Klong Ong Ang once bore a somewhat unappealing demeanor. Likewise, its rejuvenated version is certain to captivate you with its serene ambiance and diverse range of activities. So, be sure not to miss a visit to Ong Ang Walking Street during your next excursion to Bangkok!

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