BTS Phaya Thai Station

Bangkok NightlifeThe BTS Phaya Thai station is a BTS skytrain station on the rapid transit station of the Airport Rail Link and Sukhumvit Line and in Ratchathewi District of Bangkok. The new airport link station which was opened.See further details for the airport link into Bangkok. There are a number of hotels in the area of this BTS station.

BTS Phaya Thai Station

The Phaya Thai station are gives you access to some of Thailand’s’ biggest attractions such as the museum at Suan Pakkad Palace. There is also the King Power Duty Free Mall and the Baiyoke Sky Hotel’s which has a 360-degree revolving view deck giving you the view of Bangkok. The station also connects the BTS with the Airport Rail Link. See also the BTS Victory Monument station is what is around there. Also the BTS Ari Station and Club Insomnia Bangkok if that is your mood. This station is on the Sukhumvit Line in Bangkok.



The BTS Phaya Thai Station and the nearby MRT Phaya Thai Station are prominent transportation hubs in Bangkok, Thailand, with a rich history and a strategic location in the city. Situated in the Phaya Thai district, these stations provide convenient access to various attractions, hotels, pubs, restaurants, and tourist destinations. See the Hashtag BTS Phaya Thai Station on here.

Historically, the BTS Phaya Thai Station was inaugurated on December 5, 1999, as part of the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) expansion project. It aimed to enhance the city’s public transportation network and has since played a vital role in facilitating travel and commuting. Likewise see also the large BTS Map on here.


BTS Sanam Pao Station map


In close proximity to the BTS and MRT Phaya Thai Stations, there are several notable hotels catering to different preferences and budgets. The Eastin Grand Hotel Phayathai is a luxurious accommodation option, offering stylish rooms, modern amenities, and panoramic city views. The Sukhon Hotel and Hotel Tranz provide comfortable stays for travelers seeking convenience and affordability. The Anajak Bangkok Hotel combines contemporary design with warm hospitality, ensuring a pleasant experience for guests.

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Note the BTS Phaya Thai Station and the adjacent MRT Phaya Thai Station. Likewise this provides convenient access to a wide range of attractions and tourist destinations on the subway system as well. With their strategic location these stations serve as gateways to notable hotels like the Eastin Grand Hotel Phayathai, Sukhon Hotel, Hotel Tranz, and Anajak Bangkok Hotel.


For entertainment and nightlife, the Phaya Thai area offers a selection of pubs and bars. The Swan Cabin Pub is a popular destination known for its lively atmosphere and live music performances. The Rock Pub is another hotspot for rock music enthusiasts, providing a vibrant setting and live bands that create an electric ambiance.

When it comes to dining, there are numerous restaurants near the Phaya Thai Stations. The Signature Bangkok Restaurant offers a culinary journey through Thai and international flavors, providing a blend of traditional and contemporary dishes. The De Nua Phayathai Restaurant specializes in authentic Thai cuisine, showcasing the rich and diverse flavors of the country.

BTS Phaya Thai Station


Tourist Attractions

In terms of tourist attractions, the nearby Suan Pakkad Palace is a must-visit destination. The palace showcases traditional Thai architecture and houses a collection of art, antiques, and artifacts. Visitors can explore the tranquil gardens and gain insights into Thai heritage.

Additionally, the Phatunam Night Market, located within a short distance, is a shopper’s paradise. Here, visitors can browse through a vast array of stalls selling clothing, accessories, electronics, and more. The market is known for its vibrant atmosphere and bargain shopping opportunities.





Tourists can enjoy the lively atmosphere at pubs such as Swan Cabin Pub and The Rock Pub. In addition to savoring delectable meals at restaurants like Signature Bangkok Restaurant and The De Nua Phayathai Restaurant. The area also offers opportunities to explore cultural sites like the Suan Pakkad Palace. This while indulging in shopping at the Pratunam Night Market. With its diverse offerings, the Phaya Thai area provides a fulfilling experience for residents and tourists in Bangkok.

Coming from the airport with the airport rail link. Then this is one of the stations where you can change over onto the regular BTS. The area has much to offer the tourist and we have listed some of these below. See also the tag on here.

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Hotels near BTS Phaya Thai Station:




 Where to Eat:

  • Baiyoke Sky Buffet – ever had a seafood buffet with a 360 degree view of Bangkok. This is a must while in Thailand.
  • Wine Pub @Pullman Bangkok King Power – some of the best wines, music and pub atmosphere in Bangkok. something you do not want to miss while in Thailand.

More Shopping:

  • King Power Duty Free – well known and they offer a wide range of products of high quality Thai crafts, jewellery and also fashion by well known international brands.

What to See:

  • Baiyoke Tower – the tower is currently the tallest building in Bangkok with panoramic views
  • Aksra Puppet Show – the show is very popular in Thailand and a major tourist attraction in the area.
  • Pratunam Market – the largest clothing market in Thailand by far and very busy.
  • Suan Pakkad Palace – is a well know tourist attraction and shows Thai heritage at its best.



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