Bobae Market

The Bobae Market is another well-known clothing market in Thailand. Likewise Pratunam Market it mainly sells its stock in bulk for the export market. There is no mass transit station close to the market. However the MRT Hua Lamphong Station is the closest you can get and taking a taxi from there or the BTS Ratchathewi Station in Bangkok. Traffic in the area is problematic during the afternoons. It is mainly tuk tuk’s which will go into this area in the afternoon.

Bobae Market

There are a number of hotels not far from the market such as the Asia Hotel Bangkok as well as the Vie Hotel not far away. Best time to go to the market is late morning as the traffic has died down and it is much easier to get around. See the listing for markets in Thailand on this website where they sell clothing, mobile phones and other GSM mobile phone accessories for Sony, Nokia, Samsung and others.


Positioned as an exceptional destination for budget-conscious shoppers, this place serves as a treasure trove for those seeking affordable merchandise at wholesale rates. The sheer diversity of quality garments on offer stands out, presenting a plethora of options for those in search of fashionable items at wholesale prices. A haven for trend-seekers, this shopping haven promises an array of clothing options that epitomize the latest trends and boast remarkable variety.

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Upon entering this shopping haven, you’ll discover a delightful world of affordable purchases that can rival the experience of roadside shopping. The seamless fusion of an air-conditioned mall environment with the allure of street stalls creates a unique atmosphere. Unveiling its charm over six expansive floors, the mall also caters to convenience with dedicated parking spaces. However, it’s important to note that parking isn’t complimentary, with a charge of approximately 60 baht for a two-hour span. In the quest for utmost comfort, restroom facilities are readily accessible within the premises.

Bulk Clothing

The bulk of the establishments within this shopping haven are clothing boutiques. Likewise catering to both the young and the old with an extensive selection at reasonable price points. This diversity paves the way for varied preferences and preferences to be accommodated. As you peruse the offerings. You might come across an interesting interplay between shops’ negotiation policies. While some shops invite the prospect of bargaining, others maintain steadfast pricing policies.

For those on the lookout for distinctive souvenirs on a budget without compromising on quality. The Bo Bae Market emerges as the ultimate destination. The affordability quotient of its offerings significantly outshines that of the Chatuchak weekend market, rendering it an economical haven for savvy shoppers. What’s more, purchasing items in wholesale quantities often garners additional benefits. Such as complimentary items that sweeten the deal. See also the smaller Pratunam Market which does not do bulk or the Chatuchak Market.

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To fully indulge in the shopping experience at Bo Bae Market. Be sure to arm yourself with a spacious bag. This as the temptation to acquire a multitude of unique and cute dresses. This among other items, is bound to be overwhelming. The collection spans a diverse range. Likewise ensuring that your shopping endeavor transcends mere practicality and transforms into an indulgent affair.

Lastly this shopping haven seamlessly bridges affordability and variety. Likewise offering an experience akin to roadside shopping in an air-conditioned setting. With the potential for both negotiation and economic benefits through wholesale purchases, this destination beckons to those who seek quality items at exceptional prices. Excellent hotels in Thailand include and not limited to the Grand Watergate Hotel as well as the more budget I Residence.


Bobae Market Map

Bobae Market


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