Chatuchak Market

The Chatuchak Weekend Market is not a mall but more of a flea market just outside of Bangkok. You can reach the market which is open mainly on weekends via the MRT subway system as it is close to the MRT Kamphaeng Phet Station and the BTS Mo Chit Station in Bangkok. This is the largest outdoors flea market in Asia and has hundreds of stalls all selling different items. From cars parts to household goods, mobile phones and furniture.

Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak MarketIf what you are looking for cannot be found in the shopping district of Bangkok then you certainly will find it here. The other options you do have are the Patpong night bazaar but those prices tend to be much higher than what you would find here. Patpong is mainly for tourists while you can get bulk items at the Chatuchak Weekend Market at Thai prices. There are a small number of hotels in the area if you are going to be spending time in the area.

The hotels include budget hotels such as the Nice Palace Hotel and the Lullaby Hotel or the better rated Mansion Sarasinee which is close to the market. Note that there is a small mall near the market called the JJ Mall which is a very small mall in the area. There is also the Jatujak Plaza next to the market.

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Wednesday-Thursday (Plants & Flowers) 6.00 am – 6.00 pm. Friday (Wholesale day) 6.00 am – 6.00 pm. Saturday-Sunday (Miscellaneous) 6.00 am – 6.00 pm.

This market boasts an impressive array of offerings, ranging from souvenirs, decorations, clothing, shoes, accessories, to delectable food and refreshing drinks. With good prices and a multitude of product choices, it caters to a diverse mix of people and cultures.

The sheer volume of items available at affordable prices is astonishing. Moreover, the market provides an abundance of dining options, making it feasible to dedicate an entire day to exploration. This expansive marketplace encompasses an extensive range of goods, including souvenirs, handicrafts, furniture, clothing, bags, and even pet supplies.

The market is thoughtfully organized into categorized and zoned areas based on product types. To navigate this treasure trove efficiently, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with the zones and plan your route accordingly.

Different Markets

For those who adore pets, whether mammals, reptiles, or aquatic creatures, the market offers an impressive and comprehensive selection of products. It truly stands as the ultimate destination for pet supply shopping. But this market isn’t solely about shopping—its transformation into a vibrant plant and garden market from Wednesday to Friday adds an extra layer of charm. On weekends, it blossoms into an expansive bazaar where you can find virtually anything your heart desires.

Particularly intriguing are the shops located in areas 25 and 2/3, some of which are vintage shops. The fashion prices here are the city’s best, making it a prime spot for fashion enthusiasts. Remember to wear light clothing, comfortable shoes, and stay hydrated during your visit. Arriving by sky train is a convenient option, and the market’s appeal extends beyond shopping alone. Lastly also see the King Taksin Monument as well as Pratunam Market.

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Chatuchak Market Map

Chatuchak Market300shadow

Even if you’re not primarily interested in shopping, this place is an absolute must-visit. During the weekdays, you can immerse yourself in the vibrant plant and garden market atmosphere. This while weekends offer a sprawling marketplace filled with a multitude of items. The shops, each with its own unique flair, hold numerous surprises, including great deals on items of interest. To enhance your culinary experience, consider trying the food at Jodd fair. Likewise also see the area around the MRT Bang Sue Station as well as the BTS Mo Chit Station.

Navigating this expansive market might seem like an adventure in itself, with small shops and alleyways beckoning exploration. If you chance upon something you love, don’t hesitate to make a purchase. This as rediscovering the same spot might prove challenging. Whether arriving by sky train or metro station, access is a breeze, and you’ll find ample shelter should rain decide to grace the day—an unexpected and refreshing twist. Keep in mind that some items offer wallet-friendly prices, making your shopping experience all the more delightful.



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