On Nut Food Market

The On Nut Food Market is located across the road from Tesco and next to the BTS On Nut Station in Bangkok. The food market is an open air market which starts in the late afternoon in the On Nut area. There is also the On Nut Square which is located next to the food market and there they sell mainly goods such as shoes, clothing and other items.

On Nut Food Market

The On Nut Food Market is very popular with Thai’s getting food. This or having something quick to eat after work. There is a beer garden in the middle surrounded by food stalls. Likewise most nights they have a live band playing music. It is outside so it is very relaxing sitting there on a summers night. Having beer at just over US$1 a bottle and food running at about US$2 per plate. Using the toilet costs you 3 Baht (US$0.10) and this is of course a squatter but you can get used to it when you really have to. Likewise see the BTS map on here.

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You can also but beer by the 5 liter which sets you back about US$15 or 500 Baht. So you can share with friends around the table. The On Nut market is a good place to sit down and relax after work on the cheap. Something that you should not miss for authentic Thai lifestyle without the tourist feel to it.

The vicinity surrounding On Nut was another segment of Bangkok that piqued our curiosity, as we yearned for authenticity rather than the typical tourist experience. Consequently, we stumbled upon a wonderful Airbnb accommodation and savored a delightful four-day sojourn there.

What made it particularly “splendid,” you may ask? Well, it was primarily due to the convenient proximity of a bustling food alley right at our doorstep, catering to both lunch and dinner crowds. Additionally, there was a Big C supermarket within arm’s reach, offering a welcome respite from the sweltering heat and a chance to stock up on essentials. To top it off, we indulged in invigorating massages, and my husband even enjoyed a remarkable haircut during our stay.

The On Nut area

Furthermore, just across the main road, there lay the “talad” market, which commenced its operations as early as 5 am. Here, we relished delectable local cuisine, renowned for its impeccable cleanliness, and perused the market’s offerings, all of which were impeccably clean and well-maintained by amiable vendors. We seized the opportunity to purchase local curries and dried fish, which proved both fresher and more budget-friendly than alternatives elsewhere. To satisfy our fruit cravings, we procured an assortment of mangoes, durians, rambutans, and passionfruit to savor in the comfort of our room.

Merely strolling around the neighborhood revealed a sprawling Tesco and a vibrant street food enclave. Our taste buds delighted in salt-baked fish and somtom, while a nearby shop caught my eye, boasting a selection of second-hand bags from renowned brands such as Coach, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. See also the On Nut Square on here.

Without a doubt, we have every intention of revisiting On Nut in the future. It’s worth noting that, in addition to its allure, the area’s proximity to the International Airport, a mere 30-minute drive away, ensures a stress-free departure.


Opening Hours: 16:00-22:00 Daily
Location: On Nut BTS on Sukhumvit Rd, opposite Tesco Lotus On Nut


On Nut Food Market Map

On Nut Food Market


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