BTS Saphan Mai Station

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BTS Saphan Mai Station, situated in the middle of the community. Likewise it offers convenient access to various attractions and work sites. Its proximity to the airport and connectivity to bus routes make it an ideal transportation hub, helping visitors avoid traffic congestion effectively.

BTS Saphan Mai Station

For accommodation near the station, The Royal Bee Apart Hotel is a straightforward option located on a street bustling with shops and restaurants. It is just 4 km away from the Royal Thai Air Force Museum and 5 km from Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. Additionally, it is within 8 km of the Bangkok Aquarium. The hotel’s relaxed rooms provide amenities such as free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and en-suite bathrooms. Guests can also enjoy the convenience of balconies for added comfort. Complimentary parking is available, and there is an on-site cafe and fitness center for guests’ convenience.


Another hotel option is Area 69 Don Muang. Despite being an old apartment building, the rooms have been newly renovated, ensuring a comfortable stay. The bathroom, bedsheets, and towels are all well-maintained and clean. While the hotel’s name may suggest proximity to Don Mueang Airport, it is actually a bit far from the airport. However, airport transfer services are available for a fee, or guests can opt for a taxi ride at a lower cost, especially with minimal traffic. The hotel is close to the airport, and guests appreciate its cleanliness and adequate Wi-Fi. It is recommended for a convenient stopover.

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When it comes to dining options, Unfollow Bar & Bistro is a highly recommended establishment. Visitors praise the nice ambiance, live music, and great atmosphere, making it an ideal place to chill out. The outdoor setting, along with good food and drinks, enhances the overall experience. It’s a popular spot for enjoying live music and a relaxed atmosphere.

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P. Kung Phao Lak Si-Saphan Mai is another notable restaurant in the area, offering a great place for Thai music, dancing, and live performances. Guests appreciate the good food at reasonable prices and the lovely environment. The vibrant party atmosphere creates a fun night out, attracting a lively crowd. It is worth noting that the venue has a more country-style ambiance, with different music and a distinct atmosphere compared to city nightclubs. However, it offers a unique and enjoyable experience, especially for those seeking a taste of local entertainment.


For aviation enthusiasts or families with kids interested in aircraft, the National Aviation Museum is a must-visit destination. In addition to the aircraft displays, the museum houses a small restaurant offering good food. It is a recommended location for families, as children particularly enjoy the experience. The museum provides an opportunity to learn about the history of aviation in Thailand and offers an engaging and educational visit. Looking for a spa then get on the BTS line and see The Oasis Spa.

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Sports enthusiasts may be interested in the New Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, which offers an authentic Muay Thai experience. With affordable prices for second-class seats, visitors can immerse themselves in the electrifying atmosphere while enjoying cheap beer. However, it is worth noting that the new stadium’s location may be a drawback for some, as it is a considerable distance from most hotels. Nonetheless, the vibrant atmosphere and thrilling matches make it a memorable experience.

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For wildlife enthusiasts, Safari World is a popular attraction that combines a zoo, multiple animal shows, and a safari experience. Visitors can spend a full day exploring the various activities, including an hour-long safari tour. While the park can get crowded with school tours, it offers a wide range of food options for a convenient dining experience. It is important to note that the focus of the zoo is more on animal shows rather than a traditional zoo setting.See also Siam Niramit on the BTS line.

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Within Safari World, the Dolphin Show is a highlight for many visitors. The show is well-executed, and the host can communicate fluently in English, Chinese, and Thai. The dolphins’ impressive training and lively performances captivate the audience, making it a worthwhile experience. Likewise, the Bird Show within Safari World attracts attention with its fun-loving and cheerful staff. The show features a variety of birds and offers an enjoyable time for visitors.

In addition the BTS Saphan Mai Station provides easy access to tourist attractions, work sites, and the airport, offering convenience for travelers. Accommodation options such as The Royal Bee Apart Hotel and Area 69 Don Muang ensure a comfortable stay. Visitors can enjoy a variety of dining experiences at places like Unfollow Bar & Bistro and P. Kung Phao Lak Si-Saphan Mai. Additionally, the National Aviation Museum, New Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, Safari World, Dolphin Show, and Bird Show offer diverse entertainment options for tourists. Likewise there is also the The Legacy Golf Club.

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