Kheha BTS Station

This is the Kheha BTS Station. As of September 2023, the last BTS Station will serve as the southern terminus of the BTS Sukhumvit Line. In addition, there are plans to construct five more stations in the future. Interestingly, a small river flows in front of the station, and there are open-air baths just outside the station.

Kheha BTS Station

This station, which opened after December 2018, has significantly improved convenience for those traveling to Mueang Boran. 2. However, it appears that development around the station has not yet begun in earnest, as the buildings are all low. 3. Despite this, the station itself is clean since it was recently built. Similar to most BTS stations, there is no air conditioning.

Kheha BTS Station


This station is ideally located for those wanting to visit the Old Town. All you need to do is look for the small pickup trucks with the number 36 on the roof. They will drive you for 10 baht per person, and you pay at the end. These trucks seem to operate every 5 minutes. Conveniently, you can reach it at the foot of the BTS station if you exit via Exit 3.

The station is situated on a good street that can be used when visiting the ancient city of Muong Bo. The BTS is well-functioning, making it a good choice for those heading to downtown Bangkok. This is the last station of the new BTS surface fast train line, which is reachable with only 15 TBH.

Previously, Bearing was the last station of Thailand’s underground railway. However, in just a few years, it has extended this far. The area almost resembles a rural scene. Fortunately, with the construction of the aboveground railway, many condos began to appear around the area, indicating significant development in Thailand.

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The convenience of going to Crocodile Farm and Muang Boran from here has increased. I boarded from Onnut station, but so far, it costs 15 baht to change trains at Samrong station. The surrounding area is a peaceful station.

Interestingly, an MRT station was built very far away! It serves as another option for walking during rush hour. Kheha Station is the destination station. There is car parking available, and motorcycles pay a parking fee. There are stairs, escalators, and elevators for easy access. Likewise around Bangkok also see the SRT Rangsit Station and what is around there. Lastly there is also the Best Beef branches and the Phuket Town restaurant area.


In the future, the Pak Nam Bang Pu BTS Skytrain is expected to become a new tourist destination for travelers visiting Bangkok. By traveling for a one-day trip for a picnic or dinner or an excursion to explore the way of life, community, society for a short 1 day by traveling by electric train which has an accessible price, including the development of various tourist attractions such as Night market or Night Market that sells food such as Street Food, Sea Food and various fashion products like Taiwan or Hongkong because it is a potential location.

Likewise there is a large area of ​​land in Bangkok that is next to the electric train line. Can’t find it at present Currently in operation, such as Miami Bangpoo, which is likely to be a night market with many visitors. In the future, not too long ago0 The destination station on the Samut Prakan side has a variety of public buses waiting to pick you up, 2 rows, vans, motorcycles, taxis, buses. It is about 8 km from Bang Pu. It is convenient to take public buses. There are a number of places to see in Bangkok such as the Ekkamai Bus Station if you wish to travel around Thailand. Likewise the Future Park Rangsit Mall.

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We booked our stay at the Baan Paknam Hotel with the intention of making our early morning visit to Siam Ancient City more convenient. However, we quickly realized that it is quite a distance from the center of Bangkok. Upon our arrival in Samut Prakan, we found that taking a taxi is not advisable. Instead, we recommend using the BTS Skytrain for transportation.


Later, we decided to order Southern Curry at Sathorn. We chose the southern curry with sea bass and young coconut shoots, which cost us 195 baht. After applying the discount, the price came down to 167 baht. One might wonder if that’s too expensive. None the less it was excellent.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to know what kind of station it was, so I went to the last stop. This station gives the impression that it will continue to develop in the future. There’s nothing in particular to note. However, a 20-minute walk will take you to a local temple on one side and the zoo on the other.

The BTS Skytrain Sukhumvit Line extends from the station at Sai Luat towards Khu Khot. The last station on this line is currently the Terminus. This means that after departing from Sai Luat, the train will eventually reach its final stop at the Terminus. Please note that the schedule and routes may vary. Lastly also look around the Ratchathewi BTS as well.




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