Majestic View Hotel

The Majestic View Hotel is situated quite a distance away from the SRT Rangsit Station, so you’ll have to take a taxi to reach there. However, it’s conveniently located near the Dream World entertainment park and the Rangsit market. The Major Cineplex Rangsit cinema, on the other hand, is closer to the SRT station and quite far from this hotel.

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Majestic View Hotel

In terms of accommodation, the room at Majestic View Hotel is neither too large nor too small. The bathroom, although a bit compact, serves its purpose. There’s ample parking available, and a vigilant security guard ensures its safety. The hotel is located a little off the main road. In the mornings, you can find porridge and boiled pork being sold right in front of the hotel. In the evenings, there’s the convenience of spicy papaya salad and Isaan food, as well as noodles, without having to venture far. Likewise note that Future Park Rangsit is also a taxi ride away.

Majestic View Hotel

Inside the room, there are thoughtful amenities such as a hot kettle, making it easy to prepare coffee. The hotel provides a table where you can comfortably work, and there are enough power sockets for your devices. This setup is really convenient. Overall, the hotel falls somewhere between good and very good. The room has a cozy and pleasant atmosphere, and it emits a warm scent. The bed is exceptionally soft, adding to the comfort. However, the bathroom appears a bit cramped. Despite this, the overall look and feel of the place are appealing, offering a high level of privacy.

The hotel staff is friendly, and the rooms are kept clean. The air conditioning, although not extremely cold, maintains a comfortable temperature. Majestic View Hotel is suitable for those who prefer a quiet environment. Additionally, it’s located near Big C, Lotus, a gas station, and there’s a motorcycle taxi stand right in front of the alley. The only downside is that the hotel does not offer breakfast. Note also that the Rangsit Market is a distance away as well.

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