Patpong Night Market

The Patpong Night Market is in the nightlife district of Thailand being on Patpong Road in Bangkok. Patpong is located between two roads. Patpong 1 is the main street of the Patpong area with many bars of all kinds and this is also where the market is located. Patpong 2 also has many bars and the night market extends to this area as well. Next to these lies Soi Jaruwan, sometimes referred to as Patpong 3 which is mainly a gay area in Patpong while the expensive bars in Soi Thaniya caters mainly to Japanese tourists.

Patpong Night Market

The goods at the Patpong market tends to be overpriced however the rental agreements in this area is very pricey. The market is mainly for those tourists who visit Thailand for its night life and the more decadent part of life in Thailand. The market is well worth the trip however stay far clear of all the touts try to sell you a show. There is always a scam involved and it is best to stay away from these.

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The area has many hostess clubs and this is the primary draw card. These have been going since just before the Vietnam war and not much has changed since then. The area has been used for many films about Asia. These have included The Deer Hunter, Miss Saigon and Baraka which used Patpong as the backdrop in the films.

Well worth the trip but mind your wallets as pickpockets are an issue. Getting to Patpong is easy as you need to get off at the BTS Sala Daeng Station which is a short walk from the area. There are a number of budget and mid-range hotels in the area such as the Wall Street Inn as well as the Asia Hotel Bangkok which is a short ride away. There also a number of expatriate law firms in Bangkok who are located in the CBD.

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