King Rama V Statue

The King Rama V Statue is another well known monument in Bangkok. Built in the reign King Rama V. The lead designer of the statue of King Louis the 14th of France at Paris by the French company, Zeus’s master craftsmen Phrases Fort Durban.

King Rama V Statue

Getting to the monument can be difficult and parking can also be a bit difficult. This as the monument is located in the area of the Royal Turf Club as well as the Chitralada Royal Villa in Bangkok. There are flowers and candles that can be bought at the monument. The Dusit Palace as well as Rajavithi Hospital and the Dusit Zoo are all within walking distance. There are a number of attractions in this area. Likewise there is the The Emerald Buddha and the King Taksin Monument.

The Statue holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Pattani. Through the act of worshiping him and adhering to virtuous deeds and moral principles. Likewise individuals have reported experiencing remarkable power and unexplained phenomena.

Beyond being a symbol of veneration, King Rama V possessed a profound wisdom and exceptional capabilities. These attributes enabled him to effectively shield the nation from the challenges posed by Western powers, implement substantial governmental reforms, and successfully put an end to the practice of slavery. Lastly there is also the BTS Saint Louis Station where you can explore more monuments.

King Rama V Statue Map

King Rama V Statue Map300shadow


Lastly there is the Robinson Rama 9 close as well as King Royal Garden Inn Hotel.



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