King Taksin Monument

The King Taksin Monument in Bangkok is a very popular local monument which is open every day of the week. The Monument of King Taksin the Great has been built in the center of Bangkok as a memorial site to commemorate King Taksin passing Chachoengsao after the fall of Ayutthaya in 1767 to restore Thailand’s independence. This is a very important monument for Thai people during the demonstrations in Thailand. The new and current shrine was constructed in 1988.

King Taksin Monument

There are a number for other monuments in Bangkok such as the Democracy monument and the Victory Monument which is also very popular with local residents. The Dhonburi Rajabhat University is also close by the monument.

The King Taksin Monument stands prominently within the expansive Wong Wian Yai, a traffic island of considerable size situated at the heart of a bustling junction. Renowned for his remarkable martial prowess, King Taksin’s legacy is commemorated through this monument. The sculpture portrays the majestic figure of King Taksin the Great, mounted on his steed. His poised sabre, elevated in the manner of a signal, evokes an image of a cavalry charge against formidable adversaries.

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Notably, King Taksin (1734 – 1782) deviates from the Chakri lineage. This fact that often leads to his omission in comprehensive overviews of royal history. Likewise Taksin’s choice to establish his capital on the western bank of the river explains the placement of his statue in Thonburi. His historical significance remains undeniable due to his triumphant resistance against Burmese invasion. Note that the closest stations are the BTS Wongwian, BTS Krung Thonburi and BTS Pho Nimit.

The expansive square that envelops the statue serves a dual role. Additionally, functioning as a pivotal highway intersection where motorized traffic converges. Maneuvering my way across to the circular park surrounding Taksin’s statue required some time. The area witnesses a steady stream of joggers and runners, utilizing the space for their recreational activities. Intriguingly, I observed a unique aspect of reverence, where King Taksin is worshipped akin to a divine entity. Lastly the devotees light candles and present offerings at the base of the statue, underscoring the significance of his historical legacy.

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King Taksin Monument Map

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