Victory Monument

Victory Monument is a large military monument in Bangkok, Thailand which was erected in 1941. The monument is located in Ratchathewi District in Bangkok and at the center of a traffic circle. The BTS Victory Monument Station is located next to the monument.

 Victory Monument

The Victory Monument is entirely western in its design having been designed by an Italian in June 1941 to commemorate the Thai victory in the Franco-Thai War which was a small regional war. After WWII the territories gained in Cambodia and Laos in 1941 had to be returned after the war. The monument stands in sharp contrast with another monument in Bangkok, the Democracy Monument which is Thai in design.

Everyone knows the location of the monument in Bangkok as it is well known. There are a number of small and mid range hotels in this area such as the Century Park Hotel and The Seasons Bangkok Siam Hotel there are also a number of nightspots in the area such as the Saxophone Jazz club. There is also the Bangkok Doll Museum, Phya Thai Palace and Santiphap Park.

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Located in the heart of Bangkok, the Victory Monument serves as a poignant testament to Thailand’s World War II victory. A towering structure that radiates strength and pride, this monument stands as an embodiment of the nation’s conquest and dignity. Emanating a sense of historical significance, the area surrounding the monument is a hive of activity, abuzz with vibrant markets, diverse shops, and an array of delectable street food offerings.


For those captivated by history’s embrace or those seeking a window into Thailand’s storied past, this site is an absolute must-visit. The sheer beauty of the monument is captivating, but for a more panoramic view, the adjacent skytrain bridge proves to be the ideal vantage point. While entry to the monument’s inner circle is restricted, a view from a distance is still a spectacle to behold. The vicinity is adorned with numerous shopping malls, with Center Point and Victory Mall prominently taking the stage. Likewise see also the Democracy Monument on here.

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Seamless accessibility is granted through the sky train, simplifying the journey to this historical gem. The site’s immaculate upkeep speaks volumes about its maintenance, ensuring an inviting and polished ambiance. In essence, a visit here comes highly recommended, offering a perfect fusion of historical significance, bustling commercial surroundings, and seamless accessibility that’s bound to leave a lasting impression.


Victory Monument Map

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Likewise see the King Taksin Monument and Victory Point as well as the area around BTS Ratchathewi Station.



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