All Star Golf Complex

The All Star Golf Complex in Bangkok is one of the better driving ranges in Thailand. The driving range is located close to The Pimp nightclub in Bangkok and very easy to find if you are going by car. The cost is also very low and came in at 100THB for 3 trays of golf balls.

The All Star Golf Complex is very poplar with both locals and expats. Their golf lessons are also excellent and the cost is very reasonable. This is one of the best places to learn you swing when in Thailand. If you are on holiday in Thailand and looking for a good place for a few balls on the driving range then this is the place for you. The taxi drivers should know where it is located. The food on offer is also reasonable and it makes for a good evening out on the town. Note that they do take credit cards.

Golf Course · Wang Thonglang
518/5 Soi Saha Kan Pramun, Wang Thong Lang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand

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