Silom Complex

The Silom Complex is a lesser known mall in Thailand and is located in the Bangrak district of Bangkok close to the BTS Sala Daeng Station in Bangkok. The mall does not have much by way of attractions for tourists but it is very popular with local Thai’s.

Silom Complex

Silom ComplexIf you are looking for goods that are much cheaper. Then you can find at such malls as The Emporium or CentralWorld then these smaller malls tend to be where you will find things at a reasonable price. There are a number of high-end hotels in the area such as the Dusit Thani Hotel in Bangkok as well as the Swiss Lodge which is well known in the area.

Within the vibrant culinary landscape, this food market caters to diverse tastes, offering a range spanning from zesty Tom Yum to delectable dried fish and an assortment of nuts. Conveniently positioned in close proximity to the BTS station, it boasts an impressive collection of brands, rendering it a shopper’s haven.

Silom Complex, situated within the heart of Silom, presents an inviting food court that encompasses a wide spectrum of culinary delights. A cozy setting envelops patrons, making it an ideal respite for a meal. This community mall thrives with an array of restaurants and shops, each housing beverages and snacks, providing a sanctuary to seek solace from scorching days.

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Venturing to Level 4, one discovers a profusion of Japanese eateries such as Fuji, Sushi-den, Coco Ichiban, and a shabu establishment. The lower echelon of the complex also teems with dining options, alongside a spacious Tops supermarket. Public restrooms punctuate the mall for convenience.

Silom Complex burgeons as a sprawling hub, encompassing a tapestry of shops, eateries, beauty centers, hair salons, and financial establishments. The array of prices are judiciously set and predominantly hinge on the specific brand. A distinct theme adorns each floor, steering the focus towards different types of shops. Notably, the basement harbors a thriving food enclave, underscored by an impressive variety of dining establishments.


Acknowledging certain limitations, it’s evident that dedicated spaces or activities for children are absent. Likewise restroom facilities might not be omnipresent. As well as shop categorizations across floors could be more explicit. Yet, these drawbacks do not overshadow the overall appeal of the locale.

The Silom Complex, possibly one of the smaller Central department store complexes, stakes its claim as one of the finest. Recent refurbishments have breathed new life into its ambiance. An array of dining choices and boutique stores beckon, and seamless access to the BTS facilitates exploration. Pristine restrooms, ample parking, and the Tops supermarket’s bountiful selection of fresh produce further elevate the experience. Whether you’re concluding a stroll along Silom or an excursion to Lumpini Park, this air-conditioned haven offers respite and rejuvenation.

There are also a number of budget hotels such as the Take a Nap Hostel and Wall Street Inn. These which have been reviewed on this website. The area is also home to a number of palaces. Also the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles the Siriraj Medical Museum and The Grand Palace in Bangkok. Lastly also see the All Star Golf Complex on here.


Silom Complex Map

191 Si Lom, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500

Silom Complex300shadow

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