Sukhumvit Plaza

The Sukhumvit Plaza is also known as Korean Town (태국한인 상가). It is a very small mall mainly with Korean stores and restaurants which might appeal to those coming from Korea or if you want real authentic Korean dishes. The mall is located very close to the BTS Asok Station and the MRT Sukhumvit Station in Bangkok on Soi 12 Sukhumvit. There are a number of hotels close to the mall such as The Westin Grande Hotel in Bangkok.

Sukhumvit Plaza

There are also other high end hotels close to the mall such as the Sheraton Grande. Likewise more mid-range hotels such as The Ambassador Hotel and also the Adelphi Suites Hotel in Bangkok. The nightlife area is very close with Nana Plaza just down the road from the mall. The restaurants and dental clinics are mainly used by expatriate Koreans in Bangkok. If you are looking for a small plaza or shopping mall within walking distance of not only the nightlife. But also the mass transit system in Thailand then this mall is well placed for late night dinners.

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A haven for delectable Korean cuisine at reasonable prices and accompanied by impeccable service, this establishment remains a delightful choice. However, there are certain caveats worth mentioning. The restroom facilities come with a fee and, at times, might lack essential amenities like tissue. Additionally, the staff’s behavior can sometimes be characterized as rude and overly assertive.


One intriguing facet is the meal initiation with starters, a noteworthy aspect to consider before indulging in your culinary journey. Amidst this culinary landscape, an abundance of Korean restaurants and shops beckon. For those yearning for the flavors of South Korea or reminiscing about K-Town in Los Angeles, this enclave serves as an apt respite.

It’s worth noting that my personal stance diverges from a recent 1-star review of a particular restaurant within this vicinity. In my experience, the restaurant in question proves to be quite enjoyable. Yet, should it fail to resonate with your palate, countless alternatives await your exploration.


What struck me profoundly was the restaurant’s unique offering of a cinnamon-infused welcome drink—a refreshing concoction that exudes the essence of tea. Moreover, the culinary journey unfolds with complimentary omelets, rice, and an array of vegetable dishes, reflecting a thoughtful approach to customer satisfaction. See also JJ Mall and Victory Point on the BTS.

Embarking on a vertical exploration, four floors cater to varying preferences, with the added convenience of an on-site tailor shop offering bespoke clothing alterations. In embracing the true essence of Korean flavors, this establishment stands as Bangkok’s very own Korean Town.

For those traversing Bangkok, a visit to Korean Town is virtually obligatory. It encapsulates an authentic Korean experience through its myriad restaurants and BBQ joints. Exquisite dishes and delicacies from the heart of Korea grace every corner, rendering the exploration of diverse eateries an absolute delight.


Sukhumvit Plaza Map

Sukhumvit Plaza Building, Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Sukhumvit Plaza300shadow


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