Siam Discovery

The Siam Discovery Center was the first shopping center in Thailand as can be seen from Siam Center on another article on this website. The proposed concept of “Lifestyle Shopping” makes it stand apart from other shopping centers and shops offering a unique product concept is unique.

Siam Discovery

It is a shopping center in the heart of the shopping and leisure travelers. During almost a decade is has become one of the most popular and Siam Discoverybusiest shopping malls in Asia. Siam Discovery is a short walk from the BTS Siam Station or from the BTS National Stadium Station in Bangkok.

Nestled within the bustling urban landscape, this shopping mall offers an enticing experience, albeit not necessarily the most budget-friendly for acquiring Thai products. Despite this, it’s hard to deny the allure of its expansive retail options and attractive atmosphere.

Descending to the ground floor, a remarkable food court awaits, albeit with slightly elevated prices compared to other malls. The culinary delights, however, make this expenditure worthwhile, providing a satisfying gastronomic adventure. Likewise also see the JJ Mall.

Remarkably well-structured, the mall is thoughtfully arranged to cater to various demographics and preferences. From budget-conscious consumers to luxury aficionados, each section ensures a tailored shopping journey. The accolade for Innovation design further solidifies its distinctiveness, although the recent economic downturn has led to some stores vanishing from its landscape.

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There are many good and high end hotels in the area such as the Holiday Inn Bangkok and also the Hansar Hotel in Bangkok. Other hotels include the Vie Hotel and the Novotel Bangkok which is very popular. Siam Discovery is located in the heart of Thailand’s shopping district of Pathum Wan and close to many embassies such as the British Embassy in Bangkok as well as the Swiss Embassy in Bangkok Thailand.

The mall’s niche appeal targets those with an affinity for modern trends and unique designs. It’s not your conventional department store but a haven for creative souls and seekers of distinctive fashion. A perfect blend of indie stores, culinary delights, and quirky novelties ensures an exhilarating expedition for every guest.

Walking through its corridors, you’ll encounter a harmonious blend of designer luxury brands alongside bespoke items from indie creators. This diversity makes it an ideal place for embarking on a gift-finding mission that promises to delight recipients.


Among its diverse offerings, a substantial department store stands out. Boasting a wide spectrum of products ranging from electronics to furnishings and culinary essentials. An intriguing touch is the section dedicated to pet fashion, catering to even the most unconventional shopping needs.

The mall’s devotion to indie designers is evident on an entire floor, cultivating a vibrant atmosphere. To enhance the experience, a cozy café serves up specialty coffee, creating a haven for both relaxation and productivity, complete with abundant power outlets.

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If you are looking at shopping in Thailand then having a hotel room in this area makes for a great stay as it is next to Siam Center and a short walk from Siam Paragon and also CentralWorld. There is also a large IT mall called MBK Center which is a short 200m distance from Siam Discovery. There is also the Bangkok Art & Culture Center as well as the Co-Co Walk Plaza which is very popular in the evenings.


Venturing to the upper echelons of the mall, a notable addition awaits – a Virgin Active gym. Situated in proximity to Siam Center and conveniently close to the Siam BTS station. Likewise this open-concept mall boasts a grand atrium, around which various shops are thoughtfully clustered. Each floor offers a plethora of choices, ensuring that every shopper’s desire is met.

Moreover, the presence of a skybridge linking to MBK adds to the allure. Likewise affording breathtaking views of Bangkok’s vibrant traffic scene. In conclusion, this shopping destination encapsulates a multifaceted experience. Likewise uniting retail therapy, delectable indulgences, and engaging diversions. Thus making it a must-visit for those seeking an exciting and diverse outing.

Siam Discovery Map

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