IT Square Shopping Center

Have you ever been to IT Square Shopping Center or IT Square Laksi? Well, if you haven’t, you should definitely check it out! The food court there is amazing. Not only is the food cheap, but it’s also really tasty. And the best part? It’s never too crowded, so you can enjoy your meal in peace.

IT Square Shopping Center

But that’s not all the mall has to offer. If you’re into shopping, there’s a clothing market upstairs. They have cute and affordable clothes, although the quality might not be top-notch. However, if you happen to be at IT Square to renew your visa, it’s worth a quick look. You might find something you like while you’re there.

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IT Square Shopping Center

Thai Immigration

Speaking of visa renewal, the Immigration Division 1 office is now inside the IT Square mall, making the process super convenient. I heard that in the past, people had to wait in long lines at Chaeng Whattana Laksi Office. But now, thanks to the efforts of the Thai government, the services have improved a lot, especially after the pandemic.

If you’re wondering how to get there, it’s easy! If you’re coming from BTS Mochit, just take a bus going to Pak Kret, and you’ll reach IT Square mall. Alternatively, there’s a newly built MRT Train that goes from SRT Laksi to Bang Sue and even to Don Mueang Airport, which is great if you want to avoid traffic.


Once you’re at the mall, you’ll find a variety of shops and restaurants. There are inexpensive clothes, second-hand shirts, and even a 24-hour supermarket called Foodland. And oh, the food options are fantastic! From KFC to MK and Yayoi, there’s something for every food lover. Plus, there’s a food square with delicious options like stewed pork noodles.

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And guess what? There’s ample parking space, so if you’re driving, you don’t have to worry about finding a spot for your car. In a nutshell, IT Square is not just a shopping center; it’s a hub of delicious food, affordable shopping, and hassle-free visa services.

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