Pola Pola Restaurant

Let’s talk about Pola Pola Restaurant, a cool spot near Kasetsart University where students and locals love to hang out. Even though I’m not into German beer (I prefer tea), I found this place to be a great hangout.Being a vegetarian in Thailand isn’t always easy, but Pola Pola made me happy with their delicious vegetarian Pad Thai.

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Pola Pola Restaurant

My friend, who’s a meat lover, raved about their roasted duck with Mocha sauce. The best part? The prices are budget-friendly, making it a win-win situation for our taste buds and wallets! Note that this restaurant is close to the SRT Bang Khen Station and much further from the SRT Wat Samian Nari Station.

I was surprised to find a fantastic Italian restaurant so far from the city center. Last time I visited Pola Pola was with my friends from the nail salon a few years back. This time, I tried their beef lasagne, which was really good, especially considering the affordable price of 350B.

Pola Pola Restaurant

We also got a pizza with ham and pineapple. It wasn’t exactly like the ones I had in New York, but it was decent for 450B. I also gave their mixed grilled sausage a shot. Not my favorite due to its mushy texture, but maybe that’s how it’s meant to be.

My Thai friends enjoyed the local dishes, and we all agreed that Pola Pola is a gem, especially for its budget-friendly yet tasty meals. The staff is super friendly, and although the place might look closed from the outside, just head around to the back entrance.

The best part? You can even reserve a room here! Being so close to Kasetsart University, it’s convenient for students and locals looking for a good meal. While it might not be the absolute best food I’ve ever had, considering the location and price, it’s pretty impressive. Likewise see also the Krua Sa Ros Jad Restaurant in the area as well as Home Ground BKK.

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