SRT Bang Khen Station

The SRT Bang Khen Station is part of Bangkok’s SRT Dark Red Line, a new elevated station opened its doors on 2 August 2021. Interestingly, although it’s named Bang Khen Station, it’s actually in the Chatuchak district, not Bang Khen, since the two areas separated in 1989. Unfortunately, the ground-level station closed on 19 January 2023, and long-distance trains no longer operate from there.

SRT Bang Khen Station

The Red Line train station you’re referring to, which directly connects to Don Mueang Airport, is the Bang Khen Station. Likewise situated opposite Kasetsart University and Vibhavadi Hospital, it holds significant importance for this area. This strategic location makes it a crucial hub for commuters and travelers alike.

Absolutely, the description provides a great overview of the attractions near Bang Khen Station in Bangkok. It sounds like and it is a vibrant and diverse area with lots to offer. Likewise, the bustling and ever popular markets, perfect for shopping enthusiasts, to serene parks. This is ideal for those seeking some peace amidst the city hustle.

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SRT Bang Khen Station

If you’re looking for a place to stay, there are several options. Asawin Grand Convention Hotel is a top choice where guests are treated like royalty. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, ensuring a delightful stay. Another option, North Park Place, offers a peaceful retreat between Don Mueang Airport and the city center. It’s a serene residential condominium with spacious rooms for ultimate comfort.


SRT Dark Red Line


Ravipha Residences, located in a small side street just north of the Chatuchak area, might be a bit far from the main attractions, but it’s easily accessible and comfortable. This hotel is close to the station.  Similarly, Livotel Hotel Kaset-Nawamin offers decent rooms with good air-conditioning and comfortable beds, perfect for a short stay. You can also see the page on this hotel and see where is is located and the cost.



Feeling hungry? Smith & Rabbit Cuisine is a cozy restaurant renowned for its Western and Thai cuisines. It’s a great choice when you’re craving delicious food. This is a very popular restaurant that is located between the SRT Bang Khen Station and the SRT Thung Song Hong Station. If you’re in the mood for shopping, The Mall Ngamwongwan is a beautifully renovated mall with famous restaurants, fashion stores, and household shops. Don’t miss the food court and supermarket, both spacious and nicely decorated. This is a well known mall and has loads to offer the shopper. Lastly also see the Pola Pola Restaurant.



And for the bargain hunters out there, Pantip at Ngamwongwan on the 8th floor is a paradise. You can find all sorts of second-hand treasures, from clothes and shoes to collectibles and brand name products. Happy exploring this mall as you will notice that it is a massive mall that is also well stocked across the board. See the main page to see how far it is from the SRT station.

Likewise see the map on the side as the station is located near Kasetsart University. This between the SRT Wat Samian Nari Station and the SRT Thung Song Hong Station.





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