SRT Khan Keha Station

SRT Khan Keha Station, located on the Rang Sut red line train, offers exceptional convenience and efficiency for commuters heading to Bang Sue Grand Station. As the first station on the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) line after departing from Don Mueang Station towards Bang Sue, it operates seamlessly, ensuring a comfortable journey for travelers.

SRT Khan Keha Station

One of the station’s notable features is its spaciousness. The platform isn’t overly crowded, allowing passengers to sit with ample space between them. The cool air conditioning provides a refreshing environment, and the station boasts a new and well-maintained condition, ensuring a pleasant experience for travelers. Likewise see the BTS Map on here.

BTS station Khan Keha

However, like many stations, there’s room for improvement in terms of passenger guidance. Adding signs on the platform indicating which cars go where and providing fare information could enhance the overall commuter experience. Despite this, the ticket price of 33 baht from Don Mueang Station to Bang Sue Central Station is reasonable, eliminating concerns about traffic jams on the road.


Around Khan Keha station, there are excellent dining options. JBull Steak Bar & More stands out with its English-speaking hosts, great service, and delicious food. Their signature dish, curry-filled roti, is a must-try, and their burgers are known for their unique combination of BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, and mustard. Additionally, Tum Surin offers a delightful dining experience, especially for fans of Isaan cuisine. Their spicy rice noodle salad and grilled catfish are particularly popular, and the friendly staff add to the restaurant’s charm. Another recommendation is Pa-Tu Cafe and Restaurant, known for its authentic Thai dishes and cozy atmosphere.

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BTS station Khan Keha

SRT Dark Red Line


For accommodation, there are several hotels in the vicinity, catering to various preferences. Narra Hotel, located off a major road, offers straightforward rooms with essential amenities. You would not want to miss this. Likewise, there is also the Mida Hotel Don Mueang Airport provides a modern stay experience, close to both the airport and cultural attractions. Also located in the area is the well-known Casa Residence Hotel, situated on a quiet residential street, offers a peaceful retreat. Additionally, if you want a much larger hotel and having a bigger budget. Then the ibis Bangkok IMPACT is conveniently located near the IMPACT Arena and offers comfortable, vibrant rooms.



Tourists will find Wat Phra Sri Mahathat Woramahawihan, a significant temple complex, nearby. The complex’s main attraction is the White Pagoda, attracting many visitors seeking serenity and blessings from monks.



When it comes to nightlife, the area around Khan Keha station offers diverse options. 90’s City Bar provides a cozy ambiance with both indoor and outdoor seating, live music, and affordable drinks. Likewise there is also the well-known bar and restaurant called the Nangloeng 54 Bar & Restaurant. Likewise if offers a lively atmosphere, delicious food, and a friendly staff, making it a popular choice among locals and tourists alike.

Lynk Laksi is another standout option, known for its friendly service, live music, pool tables, and reasonably priced drinks, making it a favorite spot for socializing.

Overall, BTS Khan Keha Station offers a seamless commute, excellent dining choices, accommodation options, cultural attractions, and vibrant nightlife, making it a convenient and enjoyable destination for both locals and tourists. Likewise also see the MRT Bang Yi Khan Station as well as the MRT Bang Khun Non Station. Lastly you can also see the area located around the area around the MRT Tao Poon Station.



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