JBull Steak Bar & More

At JBull Steak Bar & More, you’ll find a hidden gem of a restaurant. The hosts are incredibly friendly and prioritize excellent service and high-quality food. The restaurant, though small, has a modern look and is comfortably air-conditioned. The food is not only delicious but also reasonably priced. I strongly recommend trying their curry-filled roti – it’s absolutely delightful!

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JBull Steak Bar & More


They also serve one of the best affordable hamburgers in town, complete with BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, and mustard. Just make sure to specify your preferences when ordering, especially if you’re not a fan of BBQ sauce on burgers. In addition to their tasty offerings, JBull also serves excellent Thai and Muslim cuisine. I particularly appreciate how they cut the pak bung (morning glory) into small pieces. The restaurant is clean, air-conditioned, and the staff is incredibly friendly. Likewise note that this is close to the BTS Khan Keha Station.

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JBull Steak Bar & More


Despite its location in a busy area with limited parking, this family-run restaurant manages to thrive. I recently discovered this cozy spot, conveniently located near our home. The restaurant is impeccably clean, air-conditioned, and very comfortable. Likewise see also the areas around the BTS Sala Daeng Station and BTS Bangwa Station.

The owners are not only fantastic and friendly but also fluent in English. The menus are easy to understand, and the variety of dishes is impressive. I can’t emphasize enough how amazing their curry-stuffed roti is – you have to try it! Despite the high quality of their food and service, the prices are surprisingly affordable. To top it all off, the owner even offered us a ride back to our condo. Now, that’s what I call exceptional service!

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I highly, highly recommend JBull Steak Bar & More. It’s truly the best homey-style steakhouse in the Don Mueang area, with a talented chef, friendly staff, and a warm, inviting atmosphere. It’s a must-visit!

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