Wat Thong Kong

See Wat Thong Kong. Nestled in the tranquil surroundings of Tambon Thai Ban, Mueang Samut Prakan District, Samut Prakan 10280, Wat Thong Kong stands as a peaceful haven for spiritual seekers. Conveniently located next to the crocodile farm, this temple offers more than just a place of worship—it invites visitors to experience a serene atmosphere and engage in acts of merit.

Wat Thong Kong


What sets Wat Thong Kong apart is not just its location but also the warmth of its atmosphere. The quiet ambiance of the temple provides a perfect backdrop for contemplation and prayer. The resident monks, particularly the venerable abbot, embody kindness and approachability. Here, the act of making merit takes on a personal touch; it’s not limited to a specific ritual but rather tailored to one’s faith. Worshippers have the freedom to engage in religious practices according to their beliefs, whether it’s reciting the Abhidhamma scriptures aloud or silently reflecting on their meaning.

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Wat Thong Kong


One of the remarkable aspects of Wat Thong Kong is its inclusivity. The temple welcomes everyone, regardless of their financial status. For those unable to afford a trip to the theater, a simple request is met with generosity; the temple readily provides what is needed, particularly for those in need.

Temple Location

Approaching the temple from the Thaen Ban roundabout, as the road culminates at Amara Beach, Wat Kong stands as the sole sanctuary of its kind. In this community, the temple serves as the central hub for religious activities. Local residents and spiritual seekers alike gather here to make merit, engage in religious ceremonies, and participate in various rituals. See also the Bangkok Grill close as well as the Baan Paknam Hotel.

Moreover, Wat Thong Kong offers a unique opportunity for individuals interested in monastic life. Unlike some temples, there are no stringent requirements for ordination here. The temple’s friendly atmosphere encourages those seeking solace and spiritual growth to consider the path of monkhood. This is close to the BTS Sai Luat Station on the line and also at BTS Khan Keha Station.

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In essence, Wat Thong Kong is more than just a temple; it’s a refuge for the soul, a place where the devout can find peace, make merit, and engage in religious practices. Its open-hearted approach and the kindness of its inhabitants make it a welcoming destination for all who seek spiritual fulfillment. Lastly also see the Wat Suthat Thepwararam on here.



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