The well-known Sote Club which is located in Hua-Kwang reminds me of the Route 66 club not far away. Both nightclubs are usually packed and they have some of the best house-music in Thailand. Note that the Sote club is also located a short ride away from the MRT Phra Rama 9 Station which makes it very to easy to get to as a tourist or an expat. Ratchadaphisek has some of the best nightlife entertainment in Thailand hands down and Sote is not different.


If you are looking for good music and not expensive where there is a goof vibe then this club is what you are looking for. Its not far from many hotels in the area. See the map and pictures below.

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One of the highlights was the unparalleled accessibility to the metro system, a definite boon for exploring the city. Moreover, the establishment houses a restaurant where delectable meals are served, providing an added layer of convenience and enjoyment.

Situated in Hua-Kwang, the renowned Sote Club conjures up memories of the nearby Route 66 club. Interestingly, both nightclubs consistently draw large crowds and are recognized for hosting some of the finest house music experiences in Thailand. Worth noting is that the Sote club enjoys close proximity to the MRT Phra Rama 9 Station, rendering it exceptionally accessible for both tourists and expatriates alike. See also the Sukhumvit Line on here for more clubs.

Ratchadaphisek, without a doubt, boasts one of the most vibrant nightlife scenes in Thailand, and Sote Club stands as a prominent representative of this. The club’s offerings seamlessly align with the exceptional entertainment options available in the area.

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[ According to Google this place in now Permanently Closed]


SOTE Club Map

Ratchadaphisek 4, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand

SOTE Clublifted-groove3

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