Route 66 Club

The Route 66 Nightclub is where RCA is located. Everyone knows where RCA is so you cannot get lost getting to the club. The nightclub is interesting and draws a cross section of Thailand as well as expats and tourists.  Route 66 has been divided into different sections and each blasting different type music or featuring a live band to enhance your mood.

Route 66 Club

Yes, it is a very big club. Interesting are the additions of the animations playing on the walls. The nightclub is not very expensive and it is very popular. Weekends it is absolutely jammed pack full and yes it is loud and really great. No doubt one of the better nightclubs in Bangkok. It is a short ride from the MRT Petchaburi Station in Bangkok.

Offering both an enjoyable ambience and vibrant music scene, the entrance fee to Route 66 stands at 300 baht per person. For those seeking a more exclusive experience, securing a table involves the purchase of a whiskey bottle, which typically amounts to around 5000 baht. In terms of value for money, the offerings are certainly worthwhile. It’s important to be mindful of the potential for crowded weekends, necessitating an early arrival to ensure a seamless experience.

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For those with a penchant for revelry in Bangkok. Likewise Route 66 on Rama IX Road could be an ideal choice. Established for more than 15 years. This nightclub has earned a reputation as a haven for large-scale parties, particularly among university students and young Thai party enthusiasts.

Nightclub Zones

The club encompasses three to four distinct dance zones. Likewise including a generous open-air area where attendees can fully immerse themselves in the festive spirit. Access to Route 66 is granted at a modest fee of ฿300. This presenting a worthwhile investment for entry. Opting for a bottle purchase and reserving a table upon arrival can lead to some cost savings.

A highlight of Route 66’s allure is undoubtedly its music selection. Live performances encompass a range of genres, from Thai pop to hip-hop and house. The club’s premises encompass three separate rooms, each catering to different musical preferences. The first room is dedicated to vintage rap and hip-hop, while the second features a rotation of live bands and vocalists. The central space, known as Room 3, is devoted to EDM, house, and electronic music. This eclectic variety ensures that Route 66 has something to satisfy all musical tastes.

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The crowd frequenting Route 66 primarily comprises young Thai individuals and students, lending an exuberant and dynamic atmosphere to the club. Whether you’re inclined to dance the night away or simply enjoy exceptional music in the company of friends, Route 66 presents an array of options to suit your preferences.

In summation, if you’re on the lookout for an entertaining and thrilling night out in Bangkok, Route 66 is unquestionably a destination worth exploring. With its expansive parties, diverse musical offerings, and vivacious crowd, this establishment guarantees a memorable and exciting experience.

The venue’s aesthetics also make it a picturesque location for photography enthusiasts. Arriving at 8pm, I found the place pleasantly deserted, and providing a photo of my passport sufficed; there was no need to carry the physical passport. Admission stood at 300 baht, coupled with a 200 baht drink voucher. By 9pm, the venue was nearly filled to capacity.

Route 66 Club Map

29/33-48 Soi Sun Wichai (at RCA), Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand
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