Funky Villa

Wednesday’s at the Funky Villa is a good start for your Thai-weekend. On Fridays they are full, jam-packed so either go on a Saturday or Sunday for an enjoyable time. Sunday are the best as it is full of beautiful girls that don’t have to go to work on Monday. Best is to go and find some good location close to the stage.

You can order anything you like while you sit and enjoy the live band and also the dance music. This nightclub has some of the best women around as it is located in the middle of the best night life destination.

If you are on holiday in Thailand then you will find that there are many good hotels in the area. These hotels are not far from the nightclub such as the Centre Point Sukhumvit and the Wellness Residence as well as the Adelphi Suites Hotel. The club is mainly for Thai nationals but you do find a few expats in-between. Very good nightclub in Thong Lor with an excellent location close to the BTS system.

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