Best Beef

Find the Best Beef Sukhumvit branch here.This is a very popular indoor and outdoor Thai restaurant called Best Beef. The service is ok and they serve fast enough which attracts people to such a large Thai restaurant. What is really good about the place is their quality beef as can be seen below. If you love Australian beef then this is where you will find the best quality at a very reasonable price considering it is all imported. This is the Best Beef Sukhumvit (On Nut) branch.

Best Beef

The restaurant is well know in the area and very close to the BTS On Nut Station in Bangkok. If you are going to go then go early as it fills very quickly. If you are looking for the Best Beef in Bangkok then this is the place for you!

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The staff’s service was commendable, as they diligently monitored the tables and attended to their customers’ needs. At an astonishingly reasonable cost, the buffet includes a delectable BBQ spread and delightful soft-serve ice cream. Notably, the restroom facilities were also well-maintained. A vast array of options awaits at this establishment, from a diverse selection of meats to an array of seafood and vegetables. The interactive experience of cooking these items at your own table adds to the charm.

During a recent visit to this open-air mookata venue, I was pleased with the overall experience. The lively atmosphere added a positive dimension to the meal. Although the quality of the food was generally satisfactory, there were minor instances when the beef proved to be a bit tough.

Nevertheless, the standout feature was the large freshwater prawns, which were truly exceptional and a must-try from the buffet. The service provided was attentive, ensuring swift fulfillment of orders. It’s worth mentioning that I chose to dine during a quieter period, around 5 PM, just before the onset of the dinner rush. All in all, I highly recommend this place for a gratifying mookata dining experience.

Renowned for its popularity, this mookata eatery boasts an extensive range of options. Within the span of two hours, patrons can indulge in an all-you-can-eat feast. The restaurant’s expansive layout, combined with an ample number of servers, ensures that your requirements are well attended to. While weekdays tend to see the place at around half capacity, weekends often witness a bustling crowd.

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Best Beef (เบสท์ บีฟ)

Sukhumvit 48/2, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10260
Open at 4:00 pm and closes at Midnight

Best Beef Sukhumvit300shadow


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