Akiyoshi Chamchuri Square

See the location of Akiyoshi Chamchuri Square close to the MRT Samyan Station.  Boasting a small yet exceptional array of high-quality meat, the establishment truly stands out in terms of its offerings. For experts of buffet dining and beef. This place is akin to a paradise, presenting a diverse selection including Japanese sukiyaki, grilled meats, and Shabu Shabu.

Akiyoshi Chamchuri Square

Opting for the premium option guarantees access to the finest beef (as the standard beef might not meet expectations). The convenience of parking and swift access via the MRT Samyan further enhances the overall dining experience. Famed for its black sauce suki dishes. This eatery has held a special place in my heart since my inaugural visit to the Akiyoshi Phra Khanong branch. My patronage has continued as the brand has expanded to include outlets at Akiyoshi Central Westgate, Likewise the Akiyoshi Siam Square 1 (often bustling with customers), and Akiyoshi Chamchuri. Interestingly, the Akiyoshi Chamchuri Square branch tends to be less crowded.

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In recent times, they’ve introduced the option of grill pans, broadening the selection even further for patrons. A two-hour dining allowance is granted.



This Japanese grilled shabu-shabu buffet restaurant is situated in the Chula area, specifically on the 3rd floor within Chamchuri Square. The interior decor features a simple, clean aesthetic, with both grill and shabu pot options available for patrons to choose from – either individually or combined. Two price points are offered: 599 and 799 baht, with an additional 99 baht providing access to a more extensive selection of meat dishes. My personal preference leans towards the 599 baht option.


The black water soup base exudes intense flavors. The delicate beef slices are remarkably tender, avoiding any undue chewiness. Pork is of notably high quality, although I find myself favoring the beef. The menu also includes chicken, with eggs that are devoid of any fishy taste and can be consumed raw. A wealth of vegetables is available for patrons to scoop up in unlimited quantities. Likewise a variety of four sauces, each delicious in its own right, and an ample water selection are provided. The food is served promptly, with the service staff demonstrating efficiency in clearing trays and responding to requests.

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The dessert section offers two flavors of ice cream – Vanilla and Chocolate – both of which are exceptionally satisfying. Likewise the pricing is reasonable, and the lack of extensive crowds means there’s no need to endure long waits. If you have an affinity for black water shabu, I highly recommend a visit to this establishment. Lastly the delightful experience is certain to prompt a return visit, leaving you captivated.


Akiyoshi Chamchuri Square Map

Hotpot Restaurant

Chamchuri Square, 3rd Floor, Room No. 317 Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330

Akiyoshi Chamchuri Square


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