Kwangjow Sukiyaki

If you are looking for a hotpot restaurant then Kwangjow Sukiyaki is at the BTS Bang Chak Station or the Viva Garden serviced apartments then the Kwangjow Sukiyaki is what you are looking for. Many of the restaurants in the area tend to be offering Hot pot and traditional Chinese food. The steamed chicken as well as the shrimp with noodles is also very nice. They offer simple yet very fulfilling dishes in Bang Chak. All located very close to the BTS station.

Kwangjow Sukiyaki

Step into this Chinese Thai sit-in restaurant, where the art of crafting freshly cooked, delectable meals comes to life. Infused with Authentic Flavors, the culinary offerings are a true testament to the fusion of Chinese and Thai cuisines. Here, the seafood takes center stage, presented in a manner that leaves no room for any unwanted odors. Ample Portion Sizes further enhance the dining experience, providing exceptional value for the price paid.

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The service provided is a reflection of genuine warmth, with every waiter and waitress exuding a friendly demeanor. Creating a welcoming atmosphere, their attentiveness adds to the overall pleasure of the visit. Reliving flavors reminiscent of days gone by, the classic sukiyaki complements the timeless allure of the classic roasted duck and pork. Eliciting a Sense of Nostalgia, the dishes resonate with a delightful taste as though transported from cherished childhood memories. For variety, an array of other Chinese dishes awaits your selection.

The restaurant’s air-conditioned seating area ensures a comfortable environment for relishing your meal. Although English menus might be lacking, worry not—with pictures accompanying each dish, ordering remains effortless. Navigating the Menu becomes a breeze, even if the staff might not be fluent in English communication.

While credit card payments might not be an option, both bank transfers and QR payments are available. For Convenience, a small parking area is situated at the restaurant’s rear. With its proximity to BTS Bangjak station, getting here is a hassle-free endeavor. Close to the Viva Garden Serviced Residence and Abloom Exclusive Serviced Apartments are serviced apartments in the area.

(กวางเจา สุกี้ยากี้)
Hotpot Restaurant
Phra Khanong, Prakanong
Kwangjow Sukiyaki Map
BTS On Nut Station
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