MRT Sutthisan Station

The MRT Sutthisan Station is located at the Sutthisan inter section in the area. The area tends to be mainly a small business area with many low key properties, stalls, mom and pop type stores and also hotels. There are no real tourists to be found in the area and also no high end malls. If you are touring Bangkok on the MRT then best skip this area as there really is nothing to see.

MRT Sutthisan Station

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Huai Khwang and Sutthisan have some of the best nightlife spots in Thailand outside of the tourist areas of Bangkok. This is where you will mainly find the Thai middle class letting their hair down on the week-ends and public holidays.

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Hotels near the MRT Sutthisan Station:

  • Chaophya Park Hotel – Excellent hotel not far from the MRT
  • Pietra Bangkok – Good location with a good price
  • SPB Paradise – Location is not very good but has large rooms with a great price
  • Lantana Resort Hotel – Good location, large modern hotel

Dining & Restaurants:

  • Drum BBQ Korean Restaurant – Highly rated Korean restaurant near the MRT
  • Gyu Gyu Tei – Off from the main road but a good Japanese restaurant
  • Jiraporn Vietnamese – Good Vietnamese restaurant close to the MRT


  • Zap Station – Great bar with an excellent layout and close to the MRT


  • Poseidon – This is a well known massage parlor in the area and close to the MRT

Shopping & Walking around:

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