Huay Khwang Market

This is the Huay Khwang Market. If you are in the Sutthisan area then the Huay Khwang Market is close to the station. The market is well known and has lots to offer. The street food is cheap as well as the clothing which is sold at the market. You will note that the market is always full the entire night as it is very popular.

Huay Khwang Market

Conveniently situated in close proximity to Huai Khwang MRT station, ensuring effortless accessibility. The Huay Khwang Market is npt close to the MRT Sutthisan station and has always been an excellent place for shopping for fresh vegetables, seafood, fruit as well as clothing. Note that this is not really a tourist spot and is meant for people who work at night in the area. There are many places to eat such as 4-Ja as well as Kao Mun Kai and Kao Muu Daeng. Note that this night market in Thailand is open until sunrise.

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An excellent destination for indulging in delectable cuisine. So perusing through fresh produce, and engaging in leisurely people-watching. For top-notch quality, I highly recommend opting for their premium assortment of fresh meats, vegetables, and fruits. Compare this to the Or Tor Kor Market as well.

A personal street food favorite of mine here entails savoring the delectable BBQ pork and chicken. This an incredibly satisfying treat. Upon our arrival, which was around 8pm, a portion of the shops were still in the process of preparing to open their doors. Despite the bustling ambiance and the myriad of street food vendors, there was a slight unease about navigating through the road-based food stalls.

While the array of fruits is undeniably tempting, it’s worth noting that their pricing tends to be higher in comparison to other locales. Typically, I’m accustomed to purchasing a pack of fruit for around 20-30 baht, yet here, the cost escalates to 50 baht. Lastly also see the Robinson Rama 9 as well as the Thailand Cultural Centre.

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Huay Khwang Market

Market · Din Daeng
Pracha Songkhro Rd., Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand

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