Bon Marché Market Park

Bon Marché Market Park is a vibrant community market where you can find a variety of activities to enjoy. From local produce to street food, restaurants, fashion stalls, gem shops, a gym, children’s tutorial schools, and even fortune tellers, there’s something for everyone here.

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Bon Marché Market Park

During the weekdays, the market is mostly visited by locals and senior citizens from the area. However, on weekends, families flock to the market for their shopping needs. Parking is abundant at the back of the market, and it’s well-maintained, making your visit hassle-free. The closest station is the SRT Wat Samian Nari Station.

The market offers a diverse range of goods, from fresh fruits to ready-to-eat multinational cuisines. You can also shop for various items such as tea, coffee, clothes, dental care products, and even musical instruments, thanks to the numerous shops and services available. The market’s central pond not only adds to its aesthetic charm but also helps cool the entire area. Additionally also compare this to the Phra Khanong Market on the BTS line on the other side of Bangkok.

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Bon Marché Market Park

Although finding a parking spot might be challenging during lunch and after office hours. The market is definitely worth the visit. Besides shopping, you can enjoy premium foods, dine at cozy restaurants, relax in a spa, or even take art lessons. The market is not overwhelmingly large, yet it provides everything you need, including fresh ingredients, cooking ware, souvenirs, and delicious ready-to-eat food.

One standout feature of Bon Marché is its healthy/organic restaurant, located near the pond. Despite its health-conscious approach, the food is incredibly flavorful, and their smoothies are simply amazing.

Essentially, Bon Marché is like an open mall with diverse offerings. You can explore the food court, the “wet” market for fresh meat and fruits. Likewise, even jewelry stores offering quality Thai jewelry. Additionally, the market houses banks and a variety of reasonably priced restaurants. Likewise ensuring you have a delightful and fulfilling experience during your visit.

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