Or Tor Kor Market

The Or Tor Kor Market based in Chatuchak is one of the best and well-known fresh produce markets in Thailand. If you are looking for a full-selection of exotic well-known Thai fruits then this is a market not to be missed. The open air market is located next to the Chatuchak Market and very close to the JJ Mall in the area. The Or Tor Kor Market is where you will find Thailand’s finest produce and you can be assured of the quality but prepare to fork out a little extra.

Or Tor Kor Market

If you are at the market or in the area then a visit to this market will be well worth the time and effort. You can take the MRT subway system and get off at the MRT Kamphaeng Phet Station  or if you are looking for a budget hotel in the area then budget hotel the Nice Palace Hotel and also the Lullaby Hotel are in the area.

You can also stay at the better rated Mansion Sarasinee which most tourists tend to stay at as you can take a river boat to the market from there. Overall Or Tor Market is a great market. As stated its not the cheapest but one of the largest and also one of the cleanest in Bangkok which offers high quality, fruits and vegetables, meats and seafood.

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Fresh Produce

Abundant arrays of fresh produce, including fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, and a plethora of cooked dishes, grace this vibrant market. The expanse provides ample space for leisurely exploration. Likewise encompassing a wide spectrum of offerings that range from fruits to a diverse selection of culinary delights.

The options are truly diverse, with standout choices like the indulgent duck noodle and flavorful pork leg holding their own. Furthermore, the market isn’t limited to edibles, as it also boasts a noteworthy assortment of dried goods, featuring items like dried shrimp, garlic, and onions. The amalgamation of fresh and preserved goods results in a holistic shopping experience.


Our knowledgeable guide revealed that this market has garnered accolades, proudly standing as an A-grade establishment. The pristine cleanliness resonates throughout, and the vendors exhibit an admirable sense of organization and presentation. A haven for those in search of fresh fruit at more budget-friendly prices, this market offers an inviting alternative.

Emanating a clean and semi-outdoor ambiance, this locale invites exploration with its charming food stalls and corner shops vending kitchenware. While the bustling crowds gravitate towards Chatuchak Market, local residents also frequent this hidden gem, which can be segregated into two primary sections—one dedicated to fruit stalls, the other to fast food vendors, all interspersed with a scattering of dry goods stores.

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Wet Market

Distinguished as the HiSo Thai wet market. It justifies its reputation with meticulous arrangements and an elevated platform that is pleasing to the eye. In stark contrast to the chaos of many markets, this one remains impeccably tidy and well-designed. Even as the market bustles, its well-organized layout shines through. This with artfully displayed fruits and neatly arranged meats creating a visual feast. While evading luxury cars might be part of the adventure, the culinary landscape holds its own allure. Local eateries and an exceptional food court ensure a delightful dining experience.

If the craving for fresh produce beckons while in the vicinity, this is undeniably a destination to consider. Notably, the elevated platform is tiled or polished, lending an added touch of elegance to the experience. To witness a stark juxtaposition, a visit to Klong Toei Market is recommended. Lastly also see the area around the BTS Yaek Kor Por Aor.


Or Tor Kor Market Map

Sukhumvit Plaza Building, Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Or Tor Kor Market300shadow


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