Khlong Lot Market

The Khlong Lot Market is one of the least known markets in Thailand. The market in Bangkok is located near the Grand Palace in Bangkok and if you are visiting the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles or the Grand Palace then this is well worth your while as they are close to each other.

Khlong Lot Market

The traffic in this area is very difficult so it is best to take the subway system as close to the market as possible. The MRT Hua Lamphong Station is very close and a short taxi ride from the subway station as can be seen on the map below. There is also a night market and selling begins at around 8:00 pm and continues until around 2:00 am. The only time it is closed is on Wednesdays, or when it rains. You can find many items for sale at this market from mobile phones to new and used clogs.

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The prices are very cheap at the market but with poor lighting always check your goods before you buy. You could still try to bargain down further as most times the sellers charge foreigners more than what they should. Khlong Lod Market is the kind of place that you go in one end and exit the other, so you might not come back to the same stall later. This might be a good way to end your day visiting the Grand Palace before heading back to your hotel. The Jasmine Resort Hotel in Bangkok is a good mid-range hotel in the area.

Khlong Lot Market Map

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