Salaisap Market

The Salaisap Market is very popular in Bangkok and many visit the market. It has a good location close to the BTS Chong Nonsi Station and also Bangkok Christian Hospital. The location is expensive and this is reflected in the food being sold. It can be a bit pricey but this is because of the location.

The Salaisap Market has lots to offer the visitor from good food to clothing and other trinkets you would normally find in and around the markets in Thailand. With the market being popular with locals and tourists alike the market does become full rather quickly and walking at times can be difficult. If you are looking for good candy and pork dishes then this is a good start in Bangkok. Mixed markets are not common in Bangkok as many of the markets tend to cater to either food (On Nut Square), produce (Or Tor Kor Market) or clothing (Bobae Market).

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If you are in Bangkok as a tourist or a backpacker then visiting this market should also be on your to-do list while in Thailand. note that this market is also close to the Belgium Embassy in Bangkok if you are in that area.

Lalaisap Market

Flea Market and Hobby Shop

Note: The Bangkok Floating Market is elsewhere on this website.

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