Big C Extra Ratchdaphisek

The Big C Extra Ratchadaphisek is a very large superstore and it is located not far from the MRT Thailand Cultural Centre in Bangkok. There are many expats who live in the area and there are many hotels and tourist attractions close to the superstore.

Big C Extra Ratchadaphisek

BigC Extra is the largest supermarket in the area. Is does not have as many imported goods as Villa, Gourmet Market or Tops however it does offer many imported goods from France that those other supermarkets don’t sell. The supermarket has affordable products are here and ranges from trendy clothes to normal supermarket items. The store is bigger than the Big C Rajdamri on the other side of Bangkok. Other attractions in the area is the Thailand Cultural Centre which is very popular with both locals and foreigners.

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Situated strategically within Bangkok’s bustling shopping paradise, this particular Big C finds itself in a prime location. Positioned directly across from Central World, another renowned shopping destination. Likewise this supermarket offers a wide array of products catering to everyday needs. From essential daily items to an impressive assortment of locally sourced goods, the shelves are abundantly stocked. Moreover, the affordability of the prices adds to the overall appeal.

Big C Extra Ratchadaphisek Map

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