The Grand Palace

Bangkok NightlifeThe Grand Palace is a well known landmark in Bangkok and visiting Thailand as a tourist will not be complete without a visit to The Grand Palace. The palace comprises a number of buildings in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. The palace has been the official residence for many generations of the Kings of Siam (and later Thailand) since 1782.

The Grand Palace

Note that there are many other attractions in this area such as The Temple of the Emerald Buddha. This as well as the Bangkok National Museum. There is also the Sanam Luang Park and the Siriraj Medical Museum. Likewise the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles at the Palace. The King Rama V Statue is also not far away. The King as well as his court and also the Royal government had been based on these grounds of the palace. This until 1925 when it was changed. The present Monarch of Thailand, currently resides at Chitralada Palace. However the Grand Palace is still used for official events in Thailand. The Grand Palace is not far from the InterContinental Bangkok Hotel.

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Iconic Landmark

You cannot come to Bangkok and not see the Grand Palace. However, it was sweltering hot, so it is advisable to come at opening time, 8:30. Moreover, the entrance fee is 500 baht per person. This iconic landmark is obviously a must-visit when in Bangkok, as there is nothing like it. The grandeur and spectacle of the Grand Palace are too magnificent to take it all in at once. However, my only critique is the requirement to buy and wear masks for a short duration. Considering the intense heat, it becomes uncomfortable to wear masks, and they are littered all over the place.


Here are a couple of tips: Firstly, go as early as possible to avoid the scorching heat, as most of the time you will be walking around without shade. Secondly, it’s recommended to bring your own mask to avoid being overcharged on-site. Additionally, ensure to purchase enough water when buying your ticket to stay hydrated. Once inside, you will be amazed. The Grand Palace showcases incredible, wonderfully detailed, and decorative works. Despite its age, it is well-maintained, preserving its historical significance. There are countless opportunities to capture stunning photos, making it a truly phenomenal place to visit. Despite the large number of tourists, the experience is well-managed.

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I am so glad we took our time and were able to fully enjoy all that the Grand Palace has to offer. It is rich in cultural history and is truly a must-see attraction. Pictures do not do it justice; you have to experience it in person. See also the Khaosan Palace Hotel and the The Landmark Hotel Bangkok on the BTS and MTR line. See also the MRT Sanam Chai Station.


The Grand Palace Map

The Grand Palace




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