Khlong Thom

The Khlong Thom market unlike the Bobae Market (clothing) and the Pratunam Market (clothing) this market sells mainly hardware, antiques and electrical goods. If you do not find what you are looking for here then you can also try the Chatuchak Market which has even bigger selection. Close to Bobae Market you can take a taxi or tuk tuk from the MRT Hua Lamphong Station to the market.

Khlong Thom

The Klong Thom market sells new and used goods and you can find most of what you need at this market. It is not far from Khaosan Road so the market tends to be full of tourists and locals alike. See the map below for more direction in relation to the station as the hotel the Khaosan Palace Hotel and the Rikka Inn is not far from the market either.

Nestled within the vibrant enclave of Khlong Thom. Likewise an animated Chinatown neighborhood beckons to savvy shoppers and treasure hunters alike. At the heart of this district lies the expansive Khlong Thom night flea market, a haven for those in pursuit of unbeatable deals. Here, a myriad of wares ranging from apparel to toys, electronic gadgets, and even automotive spare parts await discovery. Amidst this lively tapestry, a symphony of choices unfurls, catering to diverse tastes and needs.

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Wholesale Clothing

In this bustling realm, the art of the bargain holds prominence. The prospect of securing wholesale prices becomes attainable, albeit necessitating the buying of multiple pieces. A dance plays out within the local market. Likewise enabling shoppers to exercise their haggling prowess and potentially secure favorable deals. This skillful engagement adds an interactive layer to the shopping experience. Likewise heightening the sense of accomplishment with each successful transaction.

An expansive expanse that encapsulates tools, electronics, replicas, and an assortment of curiosities, the market stands as a behemoth of shopping possibilities. Whatever your requirement, the likelihood of finding it within this labyrinthine realm is high, albeit accompanied by a bit of diligent searching. As you immerse yourself in this vibrant scene, rest assured that sustenance is not a concern, for an array of dining options ensures that hunger won’t linger for long. In addition also visit the Khlong Lod Market as well as Pratunam Market.

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Shopping Brands

Should high-end brands like Dior and Chanel resonate with your shopping desires. Then a pilgrimage to this locale becomes imperative. The plaza boasts a soothing respite from the outdoor heat. Additionally enveloping shoppers in a calm and cool environment. A multi-level haven unfolds before you, revealing not only food halls and shopping outlets. But also entertainment venues, global fast-food chains like Burger King and McDonald’s, and an array of gadget shops that cater to every whim.


Lastly Khlong Thom presents an animated Chinatown neighborhood that pulsates with vibrant energy. Likewise inviting bargain hunters and shoppers of all kinds to explore its multifaceted offerings. The Khlong Thom night flea market captures the essence of diverse trade. This while the allure of modern shopping malls promises culinary delights from around the world. Amidst it all, the Berlin Pharmaceutical Museum stands as a testament to the country’s relationship with Western medicine. As you navigate this dynamic district. You’ll encounter a world of opportunities waiting to be explored.


Khlong Thom Map

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Lastly see Wat Yannawa as well as the area around the BTS On Nut Station.



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