The Emporium

If you have never been to The Emporium then you have never been to Thailand. The Emporium is one of the best known malls in Thailand with high-end stores selling both local and imported goods. Likewise the Emporium is located in the Khlong Toei district of Thailand close to the BTS Phrom Phong Station in Bangkok.

The Emporium

Likewise the Emporium is a well known high-end shopping mall which opened in 1997 in Bangkok. Siam Paragon another high-end luxury store is not far from The Emporium on Sukhumvit Road.

The EmporiumThese to high-end store are not far from each other as Siam Paragon is located in the shopping district of Thailand with The Emporium a short train ride away. Both shopping malls are owned by the same company. If you are looking for imported items such as Royal Canin or even high tech items such as Acer or Samsung then you will find it here.

The Emporium department store being the mall has many upscale restaurants and there is also a cinema multiplex and book, record and high-end fashion stores. Like most malls in Thailand there is a food court which is reasonably priced and always very busy.  The Emporium is a popular hub for entertainment, gourmet and education for local residents and visitors and the area has many Japanese restaurants as it is very popular with Japanese expats and tourists.

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Positioned in a prime location, Emporium in Bangkok proves to be an ideal destination for various activities including shopping, dining, and leisurely strolls. The convenience of this spot facilitates seamless exploration, whether you’re seeking retail therapy, delectable cuisine, or simply a pleasant walk. Here’s my comprehensive review of the Emporium experience.

Retail Haven

For enthusiastic shoppers, Emporium is a treasure trove housing an expansive collection of luxury brands, designer labels, and specialty stores. The layout is well-organized, enabling effortless navigation through the diverse array of shops. Regardless of budget or preference, the mall caters to a wide spectrum of tastes, ensuring an inclusive shopping spree.

Fashion Forward

At the heart of Emporium’s allure lies its commitment to contemporary fashion and lifestyle trends. The spectrum of offerings encompasses designer clothing, accessories, homeware, and cosmetics. From international heavyweights such as Cartier, LV, GUCCI, and D&G to local Thai designers on the 2nd floor, the diversity is astounding and allows visitors to fully express their personal style.

Food Delights

Emporium elevates the dining experience with its impressive culinary landscape. With an abundance of eateries spanning local Thai cuisine to international flavors, the gastronomic journey here is a delightful one. The mall’s selection ensures that cravings are met with a fusion of taste and quality, creating memorable dining moments.

Beyond Shopping

The mall’s appeal extends beyond shopping, introducing a realm of entertainment and leisure. Movie aficionados can indulge in the latest releases at the multi-screen cinema, boasting modern comforts. Moreover, dedicated entertainment zones, featuring arcades and VR experiences, cater to visitors of all ages, adding an extra layer of enjoyment.

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Convenience and Facilities

Emporium’s accessibility is a strong suit, facilitated by its strategic location with easy access to public transportation. The establishment’s upkeep is commendable, maintaining clean and spacious restrooms for visitors’ comfort. The staff, often adorned in airline attire, exemplify hospitality, further enhancing the overall experience.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that popularity comes with its downsides. During weekends and holidays, the mall tends to get overcrowded, leading to longer queues at sought-after stores and dining spots. Navigating through the bustling crowd might require a dose of patience.


In summary, Emporium stands as a pinnacle of shopping brilliance in Bangkok. Its multifaceted offerings, encompassing shopping galore, stylish fashion picks, delectable cuisine, and additional entertainment avenues, create an extraordinary experience. If you’re on the lookout for a destination to indulge in retail therapy or immerse yourself in the latest trends, Emporium undoubtedly merits a visit.

There are a number of hotels in the area such as the Nantra Sukhumvit 39 Hotel as well as the boutique hotel Ocean @ Livingstones Hotel as well as many budget hotels such as the 24 Inn hotel. If you are going shopping in Thailand then this mall is a must! See also the area around the BTS On Nut Station and BTS Ekkamai Station.


The Emporium Map


622 Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

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