Future Park Rangsit Mall

Future Park Rangsit, previously known as Future Park Plaza Rangsit, stands tall as one of the biggest malls in Asia. Nestled along Phahonyothin Road in Pathum Thani, this sprawling mall, spanning 280,000 square feet, opened its doors on March 17, 1995. Serving as a gateway to central, northern, and northeastern provinces of Thailand, Future Park Rangsit is a hub of activity.

Future Park Rangsit Mall


Inside, there’s a vibrant world waiting to be explored. With over 70 restaurants, food joints, eight major banks, a post office, and outlets for various phone networks, the mall caters to all your needs. Entertainment options abound, from multiplex cinemas to D-Cine private theaters, where you can enjoy karaoke and on-demand movies.

Shopping at Future Park is a delight for everyone. From trendy clothes and accessories to cutting-edge electronics and home goods, the stores offer a wide variety of items, all at great prices. And when hunger strikes, there are numerous restaurants to choose from, allowing you to refuel after a day of shopping.

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Future Park Rangsit Mall


Getting there is convenient too! A taxi ride should cost around THB 50-100, depending on factors like your driver, fellow travelers, or your ability to speak Thai. If you find yourself in Rangsit, it’s a perfect spot to spend time, especially on scorching hot or rainy days. Additionally, if you’re heading to the airport and have some spare time, Future Park is a great stopover. Although it’s not brand new, the mall is well-maintained and offers everything you’d expect in a Thai shopping mall. Plus, you can catch buses to various destinations from there. The closest mass transit is the SRT Rangsit Station (7 minutes) and further away with the taxi is the BTS Royal Thai Air Force Museum (12 minutes). Likewise it is also 11 minutes from the BTS Yaek Kor Por Aor as well.

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Variety Stores

Stepping inside Future Park is like entering a wonderland. With its diverse dining options, high-end fashion stores, and budget-friendly choices, the mall is a paradise for shoppers. As you explore the five levels, you’ll be captivated by the well-lit wide walkways. Don’t miss the ice skating rink inside – it’s a unique experience! The mall’s great hall often hosts displays showcasing different regions of Thailand, adding to its charm. A visit to Future Park is definitely worthwhile – it’s an adventure waiting to happen. See also Gateway Ekkamai as well as Central Chidlom and The Phyll Shopping Mall on here.




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