Silom Village

The Silom Village is a small shopping mall in the Bangrak District of Thailand. It is also called the Silom Village Trade Center. The mall is usually very full during the week as it is very popular with the local Thai’s in the area. Prices are reasonable as it is not in the tourist area of Bangkok so if you are looking for a bargain then this is where you will find it.

Silom Village

The Silom Village Trade Center mall is not to far from the BTS Surasak Station in Bangkok with many great hotels in this area. The Sky Bar is also located not far from the mall as well as the Shangri-La Hotel as well as the Centre Point Hotel and the Blue Elephant Restaurant in Bangkok. This is one of many shopping malls in Thailand which you can visit while in Bangkok.

The main restaurant at this establishment boasts delectable Thai cuisine; however, the service tends to lag at times. Despite this, the beer prices are reasonable, although the food and juices may lean towards the pricier side.

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Village Design

Nestled in the heart of shopping and dining options, this locale is particularly renowned for offering the finest seafood in the vicinity. Speaking of the hotel, the receptionist displayed an impressive level of courtesy and fluency in English, making communication a breeze. Nonetheless, the hotel’s overall condition requires attention to recapture its former splendor, necessitating either new furnishings or restoration of the existing ones. Setting aside that aspect, the room itself was highly satisfactory, equipped with modern conveniences such as a smart TV, Wi-Fi, and complimentary toiletries.

A truly exquisite old-style center, it has regrettably suffered the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in the closure of most shops. However, there’s a recent uptick in activity, particularly in the hotel’s vicinity. Notably, the Happy Fest restaurant at the front of Silom is approaching its reopening anniversary post-COVID.


In Bangkok’s accommodation options, few parallel this charming vintage hotel. A visit here is indeed warranted for the experience alone. Now, shifting our focus to Silom Village Trade Center, it stands as a remarkable hub for immersing oneself in ancient Thai design and traditions without the overwhelming sense of touristy congestion. This venue boasts an extensive historical background, harkening back to the establishment of Bangkok itself. A beacon for both tourists and expats entertaining guests, it showcases a diverse array of Thai handicrafts, attire, and stores brimming with timeless novelties, some of which have flourished for over three decades.

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The culinary offerings mirror authenticity, ranging from fried rice and noodles to chicken dishes. My personal recommendation is the kanom jiin (white noodles). This paired with naam prik (red sweet sauce) or naam yaa (yellow, spicy sauce with luk chin, or meatballs). For those with a penchant for spice. Don’t miss out on sampling the array of traditional Thai sweets. They are truly delightful, among the best I’ve ever savored. This includes the banana (kanom gluay) and the vibrantly colored coconut jelly (Woon Gati).

Thai Souvenirs

Honestly, when it comes to acquiring traditional Thai souvenirs. Silom Village Trade Center offers a superb and hassle-free alternative to bustling markets like Chatuchak or Asiatique. Particularly if you’re averse to large crowds and feelings of claustrophobia! Likewise it’s noteworthy that they operate on a coupon system instead of traditional currency. So be sure to acquire your coupons before indulging in any food purchases.


Silom Village Map

Thanon Silom, Bangkok, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Silom Village

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