J Avenue

The J Avenue Mall in Bangkok is located close to the Rain Hill Mall between the two BTS stations being Thong Lo and also Phrom Pong stations. The J Avenue Mall offers loads of cafes as well as a supermarket at level 1 and a Japanese restaurant at level 2. The mall make a great place to hangout when out and about in Bangkok for the day. The mall has all the usual fast food restaurants and also a great location for ‘people watching’ if you have nothing else to do for the day.

There are also a number of brand-name stores such as Apple Computer, Au Bon Pain, Boots and also Mcdonald’s amongst other stores such as IT stores selling other brand-name products such as Acer. The largest store inside is the Villa Market & Major Boutique Bowl. The J Avenue Mall is also not far from the Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital in Bangkok.The mall is a short 10 minute motorbike ride from the BTS in Thong Lor but the design and atmosphere makes the short ride well worth while. Located also close to the 41 Suite Bangkok Hotel and the Rain Hill Mall in the area.

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