Jatuchak Plaza

The Jatuchak Plaza is another small plaza in the Chatuchak district in Bangkok. If you are going to visit the Chatuchak Market or even the Or Tor Kor Market then a visit to this small plaza would make a good resting place after a long day out on the open air markets as it is close to the MRT system. The market is very basic as it is mainly for local Thai’s in the area and not really a tourist destination like the Chatuchak market.

Jatuchak Plaza

There is also the option of JJ Mall as the plaza is between the two markets. This area is very difficult to get too by metered taxi and it is best to plan your visit either via the BTS Mo Chit Station a short drive away or the MRT subway system at the market being the MRT Kamphaeng Phet which is the closest.

Jatuchak Plaza is not worth a visit out of central Bangkok alone but as part of visiting the area of Chatuchak as the Queen Sirikit Park is well worth a visit as well. Note also the JJ Mall not that far away.

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Presenting a haven for shopping enthusiasts, this destination stands as a testament to affordability and diverse product offerings. The allure is undeniable—countless products beckon with price tags that won’t strain your wallet. Immersing oneself in the vibrant atmosphere, the experience never fails to impress, combining delectable cuisine with an extensive array of enticing bargains. The diverse selection caters to a wide spectrum of preferences, ensuring that every visit is a rewarding journey.

Food Stores

Delving further, an array of gift shops, food outlets, and supportive establishments unfold, each contributing to the multifaceted shopping experience. Venturing to the third level, the food court tantalizes with its collection of budget-friendly, authentic Thai delicacies. One can seamlessly transition from savoring delightful dishes to enjoying the mall’s air-conditioned ambiance, offering a respite from the bustling night market. A notable culinary find includes the irresistible egg omelette rice paired with Tom Yum fish soup, priced at a reasonable 55 baht. Equally enticing is the claypot chicken tom yum, accompanied by a boiled egg, available at 120 baht.

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Selection of Stores

As Thursday marks the final day of the tree market, a stroke of luck leads to the discovery of beautiful, reasonably priced plant pots. The convenience extends to the parking lot, where a modest fee of 30 baht covers a span of 3 hours. The allure lies in the diverse selection of trees available for purchase, leaving an indelible impression. Interestingly, Tuesdays witness the emergence of a plant market, offering the convenience of parking at the Chatuchak Market‘s clock tower. On my visit, securing a parking spot proved feasible due to the ebb and flow of patrons. Given the heat of the day, most visitors hasten to complete their purchases, eliminating the need for a leisurely stroll.

In essence, this destination harmonizes shopping, gastronomy, and plant appreciation, making it an all-encompassing experience that caters to diverse desires.


Jatuchak Plaza Map

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