JJ Mall

The JJ Mall is a small shopping mall in the Chatuchak district of Thailand close to the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. The mall is close to the MRT Kampaengphet Station and a short ride form the BTS Mo Chit Station. The mall is mainly for local Thai’s who come to the weekend market at Chatuchak.

JJ Mall

JJ MallThe mall is a mixed mall in that it has normal shops and outdoor stores all mixed in. The goods are much cheaper than what you would find at other malls. Such as Siam Center or Central Chidlom shopping center however a bit more expensive. Mainly what you would find at the outside weekend market as the rent is more expensive due to the air conditioning.

There are a number of hotels in the area. Such as the Mansion Sarasinee and Baan Nueng Apartment. If you are planing on staying in the area for a few days.

Exploring an engaging shopping haven, this center proves to be a treasure trove for procuring unique gifts. Likewise authentic Thai artifacts at budget-friendly rates. The diversity extends to its culinary landscape, encompassing both standard fare like Pizza Company and an array of independently owned shops. As a focal point, the expansive food court emerges, boasting an impressive assortment of choices, complemented by a collection of sit-down restaurants.

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Venturing into this multifaceted shopping destination unveils a tapestry that interweaves furniture items, delectable cuisine, and an eclectic range of uncommon finds. Positioned in close proximity to a sprawling pet market, the mall offers the added convenience of ample car parking space.


Sitting adjacent to the renowned Chatuchak weekend market, this mall unfurls an assortment that spans from clothing and pictures to souvenirs, food, and even antique treasures. As a comfortable hub for both leisurely hanging out and relishing delicious culinary offerings, the mall caters to diverse preferences. Convenient transportation options abound, with a nearby bus stop easing accessibility. Additionally, a prayer room for Muslim visitors can be found on the second floor, proximate to the food court.

Immersed in the heart of this air-conditioned haven. Additionally one finds a comprehensive assortment, encompassing garments, souvenirs, furniture, antiques, fine oil paintings, restaurants, and an array of curios. Positioned right beside the Chatuchak weekend market, this mall serves as a convenient alternative for leisure and shopping pursuits. An assortment of goods ranging from fashion pieces to handicrafts await, all without the apprehension of varying prices for foreigners. Likewise see also Gateway Ekkamai as well as the Akiyoshi Pathum Wan.

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The mall offers a comforting ambiance for meandering exploration. Likewise punctuated by culinary delights and the option to dine amid diverse choices. With Thai restaurants sporting English menus, making dining decisions is a breeze. The likes of KFC, McDonald’s, and Black Canyon Coffee offer swift refreshments. In the food court, a plethora of authentic Thai flavors tantalize, from refreshing juices to delectable desserts. As you navigate the vibrant ground floor, the atmosphere comes alive with live music, product launches, and tantalizing free samples.

In summary, this establishment comes highly recommended as an essential part of your Bangkok experience. Likewise constituting a quarter of your journey in the Land of Smiles. It’s a nexus of cultural exploration, retail therapy, and gastronomic delight, seamlessly woven into a single captivating destination. See also areas around the MRT Chatuchak Station.


JJ Mall Map

588 Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900

JJ Mall Map300shadow


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