UCC Oriental

This is the UCC Oriental. There are many coffee shops in the Ekkamai area of the Ekkamai Eastern Bus Station is located in the area. Many does not mean good so we will list the really good ones with good service and good coffee. UCC Oriental is one of these coffee shops that are worth a visit. The price is good as well the the service and the coffee.

UCC Oriental

The shop offers coffee and other foods for a quick lunch time date or while you are waiting on the bus at the bus terminal going to Eastern Thailand. If you are off to Issan then best get a great cup of coffee and food before the trip. Options are limited out there. The shop is located in Gateway Ekamai and easy enough to find.

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This coffee shop is truly pleasant and inviting. While the coffee might be on the pricier side, ranging around 200 baht per cup (approximately 600 yen), the crucial point to emphasize is that it’s undeniably worth the cost. In fact, this establishment offers some of the finest coffee I’ve encountered in Bangkok, and the service is commendable as well.

Additionally, it serves as an ideal spot to sit down and work, given that the majority of tables are quite spacious and equipped with plenty of power outlets. Moreover, what distinguishes this place for me is its moderate temperature – unlike the often overly chilly settings of places like Starbucks and Coffee Club.To sum up, this coffee shop deserves a solid 5-star rating. I’ll definitely be returning, and I highly recommend others to experience it as well. This is also close to the 42 Tee Off Driving Range as well as the Bangkok Planetarium.

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UCC Oriental Map

Café and Coffee Shop
Gateway Ekamai (M Fl., #M110), Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

UCC Oriental300shadow

Likewise see the BTS Ekkamai Station as well as the The Coffee Club and the Bamboo Jazz Bar.

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