MRT Chatuchak Station

Bangkok NightlifeThe MRT Chatuchak Station is an interconnect station between the skytrain and subway system in Bangkok. This is where it meets the BTS Mo Chit Station in the Chatuchak area. The area is well known and very busy on weekends as it is also the crossover point for the Mo Chit Bus Terminal in Bangkok. These busses run to central and Southern Thailand. There is also the Chatuchak Weekend Market which is huge and busy.

MRT Chatuchak Station

MRT Chatuchak Station serves as a gateway to various attractions and establishments in the area. One notable hotel nearby is G9 Bangkok, a modern hostel with a casual vibe. It is conveniently located just a 7-minute walk from Chatuchak Park metro station and a 15-minute walk from the famous Chatuchak weekend market. Additionally, it is only 12 km away from the historic Grand Palace. The hostel offers streamlined female-only or mixed-gender dorms with free Wi-Fi, lockers, and reading lamps. Shared bathrooms are available, and sleek rooms with flat-screen TVs and private bathrooms are also offered. Guests can enjoy free coffee in the contemporary dining room, and there’s even a rooftop lounge for relaxation.

Another excellent accommodation option in the area is Bed to Bangkok, a great hostel known for its cleanliness and modern facilities. The hostel provides complimentary breakfast, well-maintained bathrooms, comfortable beds, and USB chargers for individual beds. Its prime location is close to the BTS Skytrain, Chatuchak, and the airport shuttle bus. Moreover, the staff is known for being super nice and friendly, ensuring a pleasant stay for guests.


When it comes to markets, Chatuchak Night Market is a bustling place where shoppers can find everything they need. With a wide variety of products on offer, this market is a shopaholic’s paradise. It is known for its good deals and vibrant atmosphere, attracting visitors from near and far.

Another well-known market is Chatuchak Weekend Market, which offers an extensive range of souvenirs, decorations, clothing, shoes, accessories, as well as food and drinks. This market provides a diverse selection of products at reasonable prices, catering to different tastes and preferences. Visitors can immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere and spend an entire day exploring the countless stalls and enjoying the delicious food options available.

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For those seeking a peaceful retreat, Queen Sirikit Park is an ideal destination. It offers a nice and relaxing environment for families and children to spend quality time together. Visitors can indulge in grilled pork or chicken over mulberry rice, which is a popular local delicacy. The park also provides convenient access to vendors nearby, offering a variety of meal options to enjoy in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Adjacent to Queen Sirikit Park is Chatuchak Park, a great place to walk around, relax, and enjoy various activities. The park offers shopping opportunities and a wide range of food choices for visitors. It is highly recommended to try the refreshing smoothies made from tropical fruits and indulge in the famous mango sticky rice. Many people can be seen sitting and relaxing on the grass or benches, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

For nature enthusiasts, the Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectarium is a nice weekend getaway. Although the number of butterflies may not be extensive, the garden still provides a pleasant experience. It is particularly enjoyable for children, allowing them to learn and interact with various species of butterflies and insects.


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When it comes to nightlife, Chum is considered the best live music bar in the area. It offers a perfect place to chill out and enjoy live performances. Reunion Social Gathering Bar & Bistro is another popular choice, known for its great Thai 90’s music, good food, and vibrant atmosphere. Guests can indulge in delicious Italian cuisine at a reasonable price, while DJs and music bands play nostalgic 90’s songs, creating a nostalgic ambiance.


Union Mall is a shopping destination that offers a wide range of dining options. Visitors can choose from various fast-food outlets, Sukiyaki, Somtam (spicy papaya salad), Thai-style noodles, ice cream, waffles, and more. The pizza and fries are highly recommended, as they are considered the best food options available. Moreover, the mall features many small stalls offering a variety of selections, ensuring there’s something for everyone.


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Lastly MRT Chatuchak Station provides access to a range of accommodations, including G9 Bangkok and Bed to Bangkok, offering convenient proximity to popular attractions. The markets in the area, such as Chatuchak Night Market and Chatuchak Weekend Market, provide a vibrant and diverse shopping experience.

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Queen Sirikit Park and Chatuchak Park offer serene and relaxing environments for outdoor activities. Visitors can also explore the Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectarium for a unique encounter with nature. Additionally, there are lively pubs like Chum and Reunion Social Gathering Bar & Bistro, providing entertainment and great food. Union Mall caters to shoppers’ needs with its diverse dining options. With these diverse attractions and establishments, MRT Chatuchak Station and its surroundings offer something for every traveler.

There are a number of tourist attractions in this area as there is the Chatuchak Park also known as the JJ Market, Queen Sirikit Park and also the Metro Mall. You could spend a day in the market and the park while on holiday much like everyone else. Being close to the BTS and MRT means you only need to have a hotel close to one of these services while in Thailand.


 Hotels near the MRT system :

  • G9 Bangkok Hotel
  • Baan Chatuchak
  • Ziniza Place Hotel
  • Mansion Sarasinee
  • Coral Grand Place Bangkok

Dining & Restaurants:

  • Room 253 –  only open on the  weekends the restaurant has a reputation for serving some of the best Italian and Thai food on the market.
  • Jad Jan – if you have never tasted Isaan food and true spicy Thai food then you should try this restaurant. This restaurant is only open on weekends.
  • Din Pao Naem Nueng –  looking for a blend of both Isaan and Vietnamese food then try this restaurant. Only open on weekends it is well known in the area.

Shopping at Chatuchak:

  • Chatuchak Weekend Market the largest open air market in Thailand taking in millions of tourists each year. Opening at 6 in the morning and closing again at 6 the market sells everything from tropical fish to furniture and everything you could possibly think of.
  • Metro Mall – this is a small mall near JJ Market with over 20 stores. Its air-conditioned but has a smaller selection of items. There is a spa, massage and Thai handicrafts and other brick and brack for sale in the mall. The Metro Mall is open daily from 9 in the morning until 9 at night.
  • Queen Sirikit Park – this is another public park in the area opened in 1992 to celebrate the 60th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. The park also has a Children’s Discovery Museum with exhibitions.



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