Akiyoshi Central Westgate

The Akiyoshi Central Westgate is located in Central Westgate close to the BTS Bangyai Market. Within this establishment, patrons are presented with two buffet options, with price points commencing at 599 baht and extending beyond 700 baht. Opting for the more affordable choice at 599 baht is recommended. Additionally, there exists a credit card promotion that can effectively reduce the cost by 120 baht per individual, rendering it quite reasonably priced.

Akiyoshi Central Westgate

Among the assortment provided in the selected set, two varieties of meat are included. Likewise boasting delectable flavors and high-quality standards. For the pork enthusiasts, the offerings encompass both regular pork and sliced pork belly. Personally, I find pork particularly appealing due to its tender and flavorsome nature. It is also free from excessive oiliness. The accompanying array of approximately 4-5 dipping sauces contributes to the dining experience. Notably, the service is commendable, ensuring a seamless experience without the inconvenience of lengthy queues. Likewise see also the Akiyoshi Siam Square 1  on here.

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Regarding the shabu buffet, it offers a harmonious combination of reasonable pricing and quality, accompanied by exquisite taste and premium ingredients. We opted for the standard 599 baht net price (or 579 baht for members), although the restaurant also extends the choice of a deluxe package priced at 799 baht.

The establishment features a dual-compartment shabu pot, one with a shallow configuration suited for those with a preference for Japanese-style sukiyaki, and the other equipped with flat pans for those desiring a grilled experience. This aspect is particularly appealing as it caters to the diverse inclinations of the clientele, accommodating both shabu and grill preferences.


An assortment of soup options is at hand, among which we selected the low-sodium black water. This particular broth delivers a pleasant and familiar taste, with recent additions including a yuzu soup variant boasting a delightful sour note and an intriguing scent, heightened by the inclusion of orange peel.

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A diverse range of sauces is offered. Likewise encompassing selections like sesame, Akiyoshi sauce (characterized by its sweet profile), salty sauce, and ponzu sauce. The dining experience is elevated by the remarkable texture and exquisite flavors of the offerings, culminating in a satisfying culmination. Desserts encompass a range of choices including chocolate ice cream, vanilla, and red bean shaved ice. For enthusiasts of Warobi Mochi, an additional fee of 99 baht is applicable, catering to individual preferences and tastes. Likewise also see the Akiyoshi Chamchuri Square as well as visit to the Akiyoshi Phra Khanong branch


Akiyoshi Central Westgate Map

Hotpot Restaurant

3rd Floor, Orange Zone, 199,199/1,199/2 Moo 6, Central Plaza Westgate, Bang Yai District, Nonthaburi 11140

Akiyoshi Central Westgate

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