The Club

Bangkok NightlifeIf you are in Khaosan-Road then The Club is a popular nightclub in the area. There are many Thai locals and also tourists who enjoy visiting The Club. The venue has a full bar however they do not accept credit cards if that is what you normally use. WiFi is also available in the venue.

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The Club

The place closes at 2am and it is normally packed to capacity on weekends. The place also has an entrance fee and you also get a free drink for this. Overall the venue has a good enough reputation and if you are backpacking in Thailand then this is a good place to start the party. There are good hotels in the area such as the Khaosan Palace Hotel as well as the  Khaosan Night Market in the area. Lastly also see the area around the Metro Mall.

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Spanning three levels, this expansive nightclub boasts a staggering capacity of 1,500 individuals, frequently featuring international DJ performances and vibrant party nights.

Key features are the selection of cocktails is exceptional. Likewise the live performances contribute to the vibrant atmosphere. There is also a very diverse crowd adds to the energy of the venue. Its is perfect for groups looking for a memorable night out. It is also known for its LGBTQ+ inclusivity, creating a welcoming environment for all.


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The Club

Likewise also see the Thailand Cultural Centre and the Tapas Nightclub.



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