MRT Bang Khun Non Station

The MRT Bang Khun Non Station is located between the MRT Bang Yi Khan Station and the MRT Fai Chai Station. It is easy to access this station either by MRT or by bus. In the vicinity, you can find the Makro grocery store, which is the largest grocery station in Bangkok.

MRT Bang Khun Non Station

The station itself offers convenient transportation and has a spacious layout. If you disembark here, you can either visit Makro or catch a train to other provinces. Additionally, there are restaurants and markets located not far from the area, and you have the option to travel by motorcycle.

MRT Bang Khun Non Station


Situated alongside the Bangkok Noi canal, this charming boutique hotel housed in a wooden house is conveniently located near various attractions. It is only 3 km away from the Taling Chan Floating Market, 4 km from the Wat Arun Ratchawararam temple, and a 9-minute walk from the Charan Sanitwong railway station.


You can have a delightful afternoon experience at MEKAR Cafe & Bistro while enjoying good food and drinks. The soft crab burger is particularly tasty, and overall, the place offers a fantastic ambiance. The music can be a bit loud for some, but it’s generally awesome!

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Permpoon Potchana is highly regarded for its very good food at reasonable prices. The Cantonese BBQ pork and duck are particularly delicious. If you’re looking for excellent flavors, this is the place to be. They also provide convenient parking in the back.

Na Vayla PaPlern is located in a laid-back area famous for the National Museum of Royal Barges, boat rides on canals, and local dishes. It offers a serene environment where you can explore the local culture and enjoy the scenic beauty. There is not much by way of entertainment in the area si you can also see the Suan Rot Fai Driving Range on the MRT linte.


MRT Bang Khun Non Station


Even on a Sunday night, there was a good crowd at Sake Coffee Pub. The atmosphere starts to liven up around 23:30. Most people prefer drinking Thai whisky, which you can purchase by the bottle for your table and it includes mixers and ice. The prices are reasonable, and it’s customary to give a nice tip to your waiter, as they rely on tips. The pub seems to attract mostly regular customers, and the dress code is casual, allowing for long shorts, t-shirts, and jeans. It’s best to visit with a group of friends for a fun experience.

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The food at Ta-ling is okay, although the prices are a bit high considering the portion size. However, the restaurant offers a great view, making it worthwhile. It’s a suitable place to spend a relaxed evening with beer and food. Everything is fine, including the music, but the service is average.

Yaks Coffee offers a wide variety of food options, ranging from French fries and spaghetti to rice meals. It’s a pleasant place to enjoy a cup of coffee, work, or hang out with friends. The meals are served quickly, and the cozy atmosphere adds to the overall experience.


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