Be Wish Residence

To get your trip off to a great start, choose Be Wish Residence, a property that offers free Wi-Fi in all rooms. Conveniently situated in the Bangkok Riverside area, this property provides easy access to attractions and a variety of dining options. Before you depart, don’t forget to visit the famous Wat Phra Chetuphon.

Be Wish Residence

Stayed here for a couple of nights to be close to Yanhee Hospital and have zero complaints. The room was clean, tidy, quiet, and spacious. Furthermore, the location, though slightly outside the heart of Bangkok, is perfect for proximity to the hospital. Therefore, I would highly recommend it.

The accommodation offers convenient transportation and is known for its cleanliness and excellent service staff. The security system is also commendable, and the room is equipped with a microwave. The bathroom and mattress are kept clean, adding to the overall satisfaction. Since we were going to Sik Yanhee, the location was ideal as it was within a 10-minute walk from the accommodation. Considering all aspects, the rates offered are quite good.

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Be Wish Residence is conveniently located near the Blue Line Skytrain Station, namely Bang Phlat Station and Bang O Station. This makes it an ideal choice for running errands at Yanhee Hospital, which is approximately 500 meters away and within walking distance.


The experience at Be Wish Residence was very good. The room was clean, and upon entering, it had a pleasant fragrance. Additionally, the price was reasonable, and the proximity to the MRT station made traveling around the city effortless. The staff was attentive and always available to answer questions. Moreover, the presence of a water dispenser, ample parking space, and complete facilities enhanced the overall stay. The rooms were spacious and comfortable.

The service staff at Be Wish Residence was commendable, and the rooms were spacious, clean, and featured soft beds. The room amenities, such as coffee, hot water, plates, and spoons, were excellent. Additionally, a hairdryer was provided, adding to the convenience. Overall, the experience was considered good, with a rating of 9 out of 10. However, one point was deducted due to the lack of soundproofing in the rooms, which made it possible to hear conversations from adjacent rooms.

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The staff at Be Wish Residence were very nice and even helped me find a nearby laundromat. They were attentive and spoke well, providing excellent assistance to ensure a pleasant stay.

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