Baan ThaTien

We opted for a light lunch on the dining deck, situated at the river’s edge overlooking the Chao Phraya River, offering breathtaking vistas of Wat Arun. Access to the deck was through the hotel lobby, which featured lush greenery and a vibrant floral arrangement—truly inviting.

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Baan ThaTien

The restroom was a unique design marvel, featuring charming details despite its compact size. Regrettably, the food left much to be desired. Likewise it’s worth noting that we ordered Western dishes instead of Thai cuisine. The sweltering and humid weather, along with potential exhaustion from our earlier temple tours and jet lag, may have impacted our dining experience. Nevertheless, the exceptional waterfront location alone justified a higher rating for our visit.

Situated in close proximity to the Grand Palace and Wat Pho area, my expectations were initially modest due to the touristy locale. However, my hunger and need for respite prompted me to give it a try. While it primarily caters to tourists and groups, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. The Pad Thai was a standout, boasting rich and authentic flavors. The Tom Yum was equally impressive. Likewise see also the Pak Khlong Talat close by which is a wholesale flower market.

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This establishment is an excellent choice for refueling and enjoying a cold beverage after a day of sightseeing. It tends to get quite busy during lunch hours and offers long communal tables, ideal for groups. Among the dishes I ordered were Shrimp Pad Thai, Shrimp Tom Yum Kung, Chicken Fried Rice, and Fresh Coconut, all of which were exceptionally delicious. I typically find Thai cuisine too sour for my taste, but this place struck the perfect balance. The coconut was exceptionally fresh as well. Moreover, its proximity to Wat Pho, just a 3-5 minute walk away, makes it a convenient spot to grab a bite!


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  1. Rongros: Meaning ‘House of Flavours,’ RONGROS is a culinary gem that offers a delightful journey in traditional Thai cuisine.
  2. Chom Arun: For an authentic Thai dining experience in a warm and friendly atmosphere, Chom Arun is the place to be.
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Both of these restaurants are close to this restaurant on the river front in Bangkok.


Baan ThaTien


During my stay at Riva Arun nearby, I frequented this cafe for quick lunches and breakfasts over two days. I sampled the Pad Thai Goong, Pad Krapao Moo, and Pad Krapao Gai. Likewise, all of which were delightful, accompanied by generous portions at reasonable prices. The establishment was clean, provided prompt service, and served cold beverages. Its prime location, near Wat Pho, offered a more budget-friendly dining option compared to some of the closer pavement cafes and restaurants. I would definitely revisit this place if I find myself in the area again!

Located a mere 0.1 miles from Wat Phra Chetuphon, it’s an easily accessible spot for tourists exploring the area. This is also close to the MRT Sanam Chai Station as well as the Museum Siam and the Hotel Royal Bangkok.



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